THEY BELIEVED IT WAS a path to a bright future, pioneers who, some 50 years ago, moved to Oregon and

IN THE CURRENT SWIRL of Americans’ changing tastes, Irish whiskey’s popularity soared over the last decade, with sales growing substantially,

RAISE A GLASS OF RED WINE. Down it and know that beverage is as satisfying for your heart as it

THE DUTCH MADE IT FIRST, probably in the early 17th century, and called it genever after the juniper berries that

THEY ARE THE THIRD GENERATION to lead Pasqua Vigneti e Cantine, the winery named for their family and started in

FIFTY YEARS AGO, Molly and Donn Chappellet left their life in swanky Beverly Hills and moved their family to a

TRIVENTO, IN SPANISH, MEANS “THREE WINDS,” a perfectly descriptive name for the Argentine winery where three beneficial winds blow across

X MARKS THE SPOT — often the spot where a treasure can be found. And one such treasure is X

“DON’T CALL IT MEAD,” Ayele Solomon said. “It’s honey wine, the world’s oldest fermented drink.” And honey wine is what the

IT IS AN AUSTRIAN TAKE on a Mexican original. And yet it is a product of Mexico totally true to

IN LAST MONTH’S COLUMN, I talked about the wines of Alentejo, the Portuguese region that opens like a fan southeast

THE PIERRE HOTEL OPENED IN 1930, a handsome, light-shaded building on the corner of Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue and East 61st

ALENTEJO FANS OUT EAST OF LISBON, an enormous arc of land covering nearly one-third of Portugal yet holding barely 7

IT MAY BE ABLE TO TRACE ITS WINE HISTORY back some 6,000 years, perhaps longer than any country, but Greece

IT WAS IN 1691 IN THE DUTCH TOWN of Schiedam that Carolus Nolet made his first spirit with the goal

WHENEVER WINE AFICIONADOS talk about Italy’s greatest wines, they are sure to bring up Brunello di Montalcino, often the first

OFTEN, AFTER I’VE PRESENTED a wine tasting to people relatively new to wine, they are eager to ask questions: “How

ONCE, ROSÉ WAS A WINE to sip in summer and to put away when the calendar flipped to fall. No

OF ALL THE MAJOR PRODUCERS in France’s Champagne region, only a few are family-owned. One of the few is Maison

FAME CAN BE FICKLE. And the more famous something becomes, the more likely its true nature is lost. Take Pinot

IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIP. It happened in the south of France where drinks like Pernod are particularly popular.

MEUNIER IS CHAMPAGNE’S other grape, the one we rarely hear about. And yet it is an integral part of the

MENTION THE WINES of Provence and most people think pink. Understandably so. Rosé comprises 35 percent of the wine made

IN A WINE REGION FAMOUS FOR its expensive red wines and large enough to warrant 60 area appellations, the challenge