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July 2007
2007 / July 2007
Jul 1, 2007

The Westcliff Johannesburg, South Africa

Arrival/Check-In: We were met at the airport by a driver from The Westcliff — just one of the many services that the hotel arranges. After a drive through dense traffic, we arrived at the gates of the hotel, where we were greeted and ushered through to the main registration area, a spacious colonial building complete with zebra-skin couches and sumptuous dark wood tables. Despite being busy, the staff greeted us warmly, offered us a refreshing drink and presented us with our key yes, a real key; on a leather tab, not a piece of plastic). From there, we were driven up to our room in a cart. The Westcliff, as its name implies, sits on a cliff and the ascent can be pretty steep. (18/20)

Athens: A city that charms its guests and stirs their emotions

The city took its name from Athena, goddess of wisdom, strategy and war, and protector of the city. The financial, political and administrative center of the country and an all-powerful city-state in antiquity, Athens is a major center of culture. A visit to the first-ever museum dedicated to Byzantium, a stroll around the National Garden and a trip to the Olympeion archaeological site will take you back through time.

2007 / July 2007
Jul 1, 2007

Sofitel Amsterdam Airport

Arrival/Check-In: It’s the plight of the North American traveler flying to Europe — you arrive at dawn and there’s no available room at the inn. Thus after touching down at 7:30 a.m. and taking the hotel’s complimentary shuttle from Schiphol, I was informed that my room would not be ready for a few hours. The friendly clerk gave me a coupon for a free drink at the bar — café au lait for me — and checked my bag behind the front desk. My room was ready by 11:20 a.m. (17/20)