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January/February 2021
Feb 18, 2021

Cruise Amid the Remote Beauty of Greenland with Ponant, Hurtigruten and More

In terms of cruise destinations, Greenland is the new Iceland, as Greenland is becoming the hottest destination in Arctic cruising. This owes to its remoteness, beauty and peculiarities. Earth’s biggest ice sheet (outside of the South Pole) occupies most of the huge island, leaving just the green fringes for villages and towns, none connected by road or rail. The ice and snow are spectacular year-round, the mountains steep, the glaciers vast, the wildlife (whales, polar bears, musk oxen, reindeer) wide-ranging. Most citizens are Inuit, native migrants from nearby Canada, and many still lead a traditional life, pitted against the extreme elements of the Arctic Circle. The capital, Nuuk, is home to about 18,000 of Greenland’s 56,000 residents.

SPIA 2021 Winners Crowned at Gala Ceremony at W Hotel, Palm Jumeirah

The Sports Industry Awards returned with a bang last night as 200 guests packed the W Hotel Great Ball Room for the gala ceremony.

December 2020
Dec 2, 2020

Connect with Clients and Colleagues in Dynamic Belgrade

On the surface, life appears to move slowly in the capital city of Belgrade, where sidewalks are for strolling, drinks are for sipping, and lunch is an event lasting upwards of three hours. But the reality is this industrious city has fought long and hard for the joie de vivre so prevalent throughout its streets today. After centuries of tumultuous taking and overtaking — from Attila the Hun to Slobodan Milošević — the “White City” finally can enjoy its long-deserved liberation and flex its hard-earned free-market muscles.