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Air Canada
April 2020
Apr 9, 2020

Unplug and Play in Copenhagen

WITH ONE OF THE WORLD’S (if not the world’s) strongest commitments to sustainability combined with an extremely balanced work-life culture, Copenhagen draws working professionals to its winding streets, nearly 60 percent of which are occupied by cyclists. Once businesses and shops close for the day, the Danish capital embraces hygge, a Danish term that refers to locals’ appreciation for coziness in every sense of the word.

Peace of Mind

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March 2020
Mar 4, 2020

Bucharest Revives Itself as a Vibrant City

CONSIDERED THE CULTURAL, industrial and financial center of Romania’s three traditional regions (Wallachia, Moldova and Transylvania), Bucharest continues to emerge from its Communist past and the oppressive regime of the former Communist dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu and his wife, Elena.