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Air Canada
Aug 23, 2021

Immerse Yourself in Paris Culture with Hotel de Crillon, Amandine

Hotel de Crillion, a Rosewood Hotel, is a popular landmark in Paris that overlooks Place de la Concorde. The hotel announced Amandine Lugnier as the property's inaugural Rosewood PlaceMaker. This is the latest extension of the brand’s A Sense of Place philosophy, where properties offer ways for guests to immerse themselves into the destinations.

Greece: Destination Luxury

Since its prestige for attracting the world elite grew in the 1960s, Greece remains the go-to destination for glittering holidays. Each step of the journey is enrobed in luxury, from culinary traditions with the highest standard of execution and name-brand, high-end shopping to first-rate wellness locales and elite accommodations, like 5-star hotels, private villas and yachts.

August 2021
Aug 2, 2021

Attend Mass Among the Historic Marvels of St. Peter’s Basilica

The priceless art and historical treasures of Vatican City capture the attention of many more than the world’s 1.34 billion Catholics, but so, too, does the Pope himself. Regardless of religion, tourists who catch a glimpse of the Catholic Church’s Holy Father during their visit to the world’s smallest country almost universally mark the moment as a highlight, contributing to a respect and curiosity that extend far beyond the faithful. For many within the flock, celebrating Mass at the Vatican is the pinnacle of practice, but the crush of crowds, mess of multiple lines and general chaos of surrounding Rome seem daunting obstacles to overcome on the way to this bucket-list experience. Good news: It’s much easier than you think to attend Mass at the Vatican. Here’s how.