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August 2012
2012 / August 2012
Aug 1, 2012

Zürich: Swiss Assets

In 15 B.C. — and once again demonstrating their uncanny intuition for recognizing prime real estate — Roman soldiers established a customs post and tax collection station on a scenic hillside in what’s now known as Lindenhof in the Old Town of Zürich. A serene, shady park where locals and visitors come to rest beneath the linden trees or enjoy sweeping views of the city’s historic quarter, this vantage point once boasted a castle and witnessed numerous public assemblies for hundreds of years. It was here, in 1798, where taxes were once gravely assessed, that the city’s first constitution was sworn into reality.

Goway Offers Travelers Journey of a Lifetime

Since 1970, Goway Travel has been committed to providing customized travel experiences for world travelers. Few things are better evidence of this commitment than being awarded the 2019 Trazees award for Favorite Tour Operator. Goway Travel heartily thanks the readers of Trazee Travel for this honor and for their confidence in Goway’s work in creating travel memories that’ll last a lifetime.

2012 / August 2012
Aug 1, 2012

Portugal, Minho, Vinho Verde

They’re not the most famous wines. Their grapes are unfamiliar. And their name is slightly misleading. But if they are not yet familiar to you, August is the perfect time to discover Vinho Verde. A product of northern Portugal, they are the quintessential summer wines — delicate, light, refreshing, low in alcohol and lightly pétillant when you pour them, a wine to enjoy in its youth. As for its name, Vinho Verde translates to “green wine,” but here green means young, not aged, and the wine’s color tends toward the palest yellow, not green.