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March 2005
2005 / March 2005
Mar 1, 2005

Portland: Coming Up Roses

Consistently ranked as one of the most livable cities in the country, Portland, Ore., is a progressive urban center nestled among some of the country’s most pristine natural settings. No wonder Portland — nicknamed “Rose City” — attracts some of the nation’s best and brightest citizens.

Experiencing GBTA Convention 2021
Safely and Responsibly

GBTA’s Convention 2021 will bring the business travel industry together for the first time in a long time. Once again, you’ll learn and connect with experts and each other, along with discussions with leading thinkers, entrepreneurs and change makers addressing the issues that matter most.

2005 / March 2005
Mar 1, 2005

Shanghai: Back To The Future

Shanghai is a city flying at full speed. Once called the “Paris of the East,” China’s most cosmopolitan urban center is far from French. Reminders of occupying European empires remain evident — barely — in the colonial riverfront grandeur of the Bund. But the Shanghai of today is more spaceport than Seine, more Martian than Montmartre. Amid the glimmering skyscrapers, one need only squint slightly to imagine hovercraft rather than cars navigating the smog locals insist is “haze.”