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December 2023
Dec 11, 2023

Flutes of Fancy: Champagne Taittinger Offers a Taste of Luxury and an Invitation to Daily Indulgence

There are visits to a wine region ... and then there is a visit to Champagne. Champagne is imbued with the magic of the iconic chalk soils of the Côtes des Blancs that lend the wines elegance and finesse, the stately châteaux adorned with signs of the world’s most recognizable brands, and the carved-out caves where bottles topped off with an alchemic cocktail of yeast and sugar glean their signature effervescence. Whether you’re a bubbly aficionado or a novice, Champagne Taittinger provides the perfect place to learn more about what makes this a wine region par excellence.


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November 2023
Nov 28, 2023

Unbridled Hedonism: Brush Creek Ranch’s Wine and Spirits Program Appeals to Adventure-Seeking Guests

On a late-summer afternoon warmed by the high-altitude sun, the clean scent of scraggly sagebrush wafting through the air, I followed a trail with other riders, tugging at the rein as my horse munched on high grass. The friendly wranglers discouraged us from allowing this “eating on the job,” but I couldn’t blame my horse, as we all anticipated liquid treats at the end of our dusty ride.