TRAVEL IS BECOMING more associated with pop culture, with movie buffs adventuring to their favorite film sites around the world. While some say pop culture and travel don’t have much in common, engaging in travel and television and film offers a way to explore the

WHICH WAS YOUR FIRST ISSUE OF Global Traveler? Mine was the November 2006 issue, with the snow-capped mountains and lakes of St. Moritz on the cover. I carry that mental image with me always. Whether you’ve been with us from the first issue in February

EVER WANTED YOUR HOME to be expertly curated and an exact reflection of 5-star hotel accommodations? Here is your chance to supercharge your digs with a celebration of architectural style and décor. Incorporate trinkets, baubles and elements of design that will wow — make your

AS WITH AIRLINES THESE DAYS, the list of extra charges on a cruise can be quite staggering — tips, drinks, specialty dining, laundry, fitness classes, shore excursions and more. The bill for so-called “extras” on a cruise can add up to a second fare. Little

YOUR FINANCIAL ESTATE can ultimately end up in a lot of places other than where you intended. Without proper planning, you may wind up leaving a significant portion of your hard-earned assets to the government, creditors or unintended heirs. Like packing your essential travel documents, your

WHILE YOU MAY FIND IT HARD to be away from your pets, they may be more stressed by traveling with you. Some animals aren’t suited for travel due to temperament, illness or physical impairment. Think about where your pets would be happiest. You may think they

Global Traveler's Advisory Board met in September to discuss the state of the business and select the 2017 Airline and Hotel of the Year winners. As always, the event was both successful and fun, with FXExpress Publications, Inc. staff and board members meeting and mingling. [gallery

AS A KID GROWING UP IN TEXAS, the closest I ever came to dogsledding was when I strapped on a pair of inline skates and took my black Lab out for a walk around my neighborhood. Dogsledding seemed exotic, and I often daydreamed about one

SEPTEMBER Q&A: WITH ALLIE MENZIONE In the September issue, Menzione shared her recent experiences in Greece, including her visit to Athens, Mykonos and Santoríni. Highlights of her trip included the views over the caldera, a sunset catamaran tour and swimming in the Aegean Sea. She asked:

OFTEN REFERRED TO as the “Rainbow Nation” due to the country’s multicultural diversity in the wake of apartheid, South Africa is the economic powerhouse of Africa. Cape Town, Durban and Kruger National Park have historically attracted the majority of tourists, while Johannesburg’s gritty image made

JUST COMING FROM Global Traveler’s annual Advisory Board meeting, we have a fresh look at 2018 and the excitement in store for our many brands. The magazine continues to expand, joined by our established digital platforms,, and — launched two months ago —

HOW LONG HAS SINGAPORE BEEN the world’s top MICE destination? Since 1819, you could argue. That year Sir Stamford Raffles, an English civil servant, arrived on this island off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula and recognized its potential as a center for trade