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March 2006
Claridge House
2006 / March 2006
Mar 1, 2006

Tokyo: A Tale Of Two Cities

Still the largest city in Asia, Tokyo also was for many years the most Western face of the East, with its tall, modern buildings — but next to which you’d find centuries-old architectural surprises in quiet classical Japanese gardens behind discreet walls. The yin and yang of contrasts is what makes Tokyo so fascinating. Even if you have only a few days here, you can experience everything from the mystique of the ancient Eastern world to the up-front, techno-crazed life of the 21st century.

TAP Air Portugal Adds 15 Flights Each Week From U.S., Canada

TAP Air Portugal is adding 15 new weekly flights from the United States and Canada by summer 2020,  a new record for the carrier of 71 weekly flights between North America and Portugal.

2006 / March 2006
Mar 1, 2006

Brasília: Getting There

Brasília represents the fulfillment of a bold promise by former President Juscelino Kubitschek, who was elected in 1955 on his campaign pledge to build a new capital city in the central highlands of Brazil, 500 miles from the coast. Kubitschek’s campaign slogan, “Fifty Years of Progress in Five,” epitomized his obsession to complete the city by the end of his term. Replacing Rio de Janeiro as capital, Brasília would be at the center of a newly established Federal District carved out of the state of Goiás.