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September 2023
Sep 14, 2023

Hidden Gem: Discover the Distinct Biodiversity and Fascinating Cultural Riches of Madagascar

For sightseeing, there is quite literally no other place in the world like Madagascar. Formed more than 150 million years ago when a chunk split off the supercontinent Gondwana, eventually creating the globe’s fourth-largest island, Madagascar evolved in isolation, developing a unique ecosystem entirely its own. Up to 90 percent of all Madagascar’s plant and animal species exist nowhere else. This is the only place to visit the natural habitat of proto-primate lemurs; the multifingered aye-aye; the catlike fossa; spindly baobab trees; and the multiple exotics found in the unique rain forests, dry deserts, high plateau, coasts and island ecosystems of what is dubbed “the eighth continent.”

The Ultimate Itinerary in The Islands of Tahiti

The Islands of Tahiti are among the most beautiful and sought-after vacation destinations in the world. The endless images of overwater bungalows with Bora Bora’s majestic peak towering over waters of every shade of blue have an intrinsic pull. But with 118 islands and atolls to explore, there is so much more to this spectacular region of the Pacific.

August 2023
Aug 18, 2023

Kenya Works to Improve Wildlife-Human Interactions and Natural Habitats

Ecotourism and Kenya go hand in hand. The East African county is home to more than 50 game reserves and national parks that helped it become the world’s best-known safari destination. Even Nairobi, the capital city, includes a 45-square-mile national park where lions, rhinos, giraffes and other species live freely against the backdrop of the urban skyline. Kenya is also home to The Great Migration, seeing 2 million animals on the move annually, drawing hordes of amazed tourists through the summer months.