THE MERE THOUGHT OF STARTING a new airline is beyond daunting, never mind keeping it aloft and growing for 30 years. But though it hasn’t always been easy, Asiana Airlines managed to do just that. In 1988 Asiana Airlines, originally known as Seoul Air International, was

ARE VACATION RENTALS LIKE AIRBNB the wave of the future? Hotels are certainly sounding the alarm. The short-term lodging company grew exponentially since its founding, and its soaring popularity seems to threaten the business models of even the most established hotels. Airbnb allows hosts to rent

HOW DOES A TRAVEL PROVIDER make a splash among a generation so inundated with information they can have five more bucket list-worthy destinations literally at their fingertips with one refresh of their feed? That’s the question we posed to the readers of, the sister

IT USED TO BE A SMALL VILLAGE on the lower Persian Gulf, where diving for pearls provided the main income in the early 19th century. A later stint with colonialism provided the push for Dubai to ally with six surrounding states. In the process, they

AS EARLY AS 1170, DUBLIN was an established town with a defined street pattern, a cathedral and even suburbs on the northern bank of the River Liffey. From 1171, Dublin became the capital of the English Lordship of Ireland and gained popularity at that time

IN MAASAI MARA, KENYA’S most storied game preserve, the animals have been playing hide and seek all morning. But it isn’t long before we spy silhouettes amid the expanse, an awe-inspiring landscape of tall grass which unfurls like bolts of amber-colored cloth in every direction.

PHILADELPHIA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT is the only major airport serving the nation’s seventh-largest metropolitan area. It transits 30 million passengers annually, with 25 airlines, including all major domestic carriers, offering nearly 500 daily departures to nearly 130 destinations worldwide. The airport’s location just seven miles from

HAWAIIAN AIRLINES RECENTLY appointed Lee Anne Wong of Honolulu’s Koko Head Café its new executive chef. Chief among her responsibilities: leading the airline’s ongoing Featured Chef Series. The Featured Chef Series is a collaboration with renowned chefs on trans-Pacific flights that highlights Hawai’i’s vibrant culinary

ENTEROVIRUSES ARE VIRUSES that enter the body through the gastrointestinal tract and live there, often moving on to attack the nervous system. These viruses are small, made up of ribonucleic acid and protein. The polioviruses are enteroviruses. In addition to the three different polio viruses,

MY EXCITEMENT WANED as he approached, holding a straw and a bottle of what appeared to be Russian vodka. I had come to the White Rabbit restaurant specifically to uncover something unexpected about a rumored underground culinary scene supposedly growing in Moscow, and I held

WHEN IT COMES TO NIGHTTIME indulgences, the Philippine capital has it all. Whether you’re looking for an intimate speakeasy serving locally inspired libations, a massive all-night rager or a rousing evening belting karaoke classics, there’s something to suit every taste in this thriving megalopolis. Just as

MAY Q&A WITH ANGELIQUE PLATAS, ASSOCIATE EDITOR In the May 2018 issue, associate editor Angelique Platas’ mention of her celebratory trip to Boston for a bachelorette party and the recent celebration of GT’s 200th issue inspired the question: What occasion calls for a commemorative trip? Where

AS CHINA’S CAPITAL ACCELERATES FASTER than a speeding bullet, all eyes turn to the country’s biggest techno geeks and high-tech pioneers spinning their innovative digital wheels. The latest reports reveal artificial intelligence leads the charge. A planned artificial intelligence development park is on the books for