There are many cities that are hot spots for summer travel: Chicago, Los Angeles, Dublin and Singapore, to name a few. Among these, my home state of New York has the best of both worlds — city and beach life. When visiting Midtown, you have

I’ve never considered myself a green thumb, nor did I really have a lot of interest in testing the theory until the last few years. While I was growing up, my grandparents had a greenhouse and landscaping company my mother would often help with. We would

This past weekend I attended my first Pride parade. I went with my boyfriend, Brian, and his friends. On Saturday night we went out to the bars for the first night of celebrations. It was a little overwhelming, in a good way, because the

Several months ago, some friends and my husband and I looked into going to Seattle to see the Rolling Stones in concert there, scheduled for May of this year. We booked rooms and then, when we saw the price of the tickets, decided we'd keep

I may work for Global Traveler, but I am also a true reader of the magazine and our e-newsletters as well, relying on our content to give me a burst of travel inspiration. In last week's eFlyer USA, our feature article mentions the changing revenue

Next week will mark my first year work anniversary at FX Express Publications, Inc. The year has gone quickly, and when I look back, it really feels like it was pretty recently I came in for my first interview and began to meet my future

Coming up in August in Chicago, the Global Traveler team will take our annual trip to attend the Global Business Travel Association Convention. As the largest gathering of business travel professionals in the world, GBTA presents an incredible opportunity to see the recent progress and

I don't like golfing. I have golfed exactly four times in my life with mixed results but little enjoyment. My friends often invite me, but I politely decline, not wanting to endure 18 (or even nine) holes. I recently heard something that could get me

Earlier this week, I sat down to be interviewed for Shock Your Potential, a business podcast focused on “excellence in leadership, sales and the customer experience.” Michael Sherlock hosts the podcast; she reached out to me via LinkedIn after regularly picking up issues of Global

Last week I wrote about discovering some new (to us) wineries in Walla Walla, producing amazing wines that quickly reached the upper levels of our list of favorites. I shared our experience at Long Shadows, and this week I want to follow up with my

While in Chile, my traveling companions and I spent an afternoon at Viñamar Winery in Chile’s Casablanca Valley, between Valparaíso and Santiago. The location near the Pacific Ocean offers prime grape-growing conditions. Opened in 2001, the winery’s name is an homage to the nearby coastal

A lot of us woke up this past Saturday, opened our windows and felt the warmth of an approaching summer — prompting us to welcome June with a smile on our faces. I would like to invite you to keep that smile and remember what

Global Traveler’s June issue focuses on wellness. It is easy to forget as a frequent traveler the importance of one’s overall health. Wellness no longer is defined by travelers as simply a culinary choice or standard exercise equipment sitting in a florescent-lit room similar to

Last week. the Taiwan Economic and Culture Office hosted an event in Los Angeles to share how to make delicious cuisine common in Taiwanese homes. In an effort to encourage tourism for all foodies but also third- and fourth-generation families, they flew

Last weekend I was traveling with my daughter’s softball team, as I do most weekends. This particular weekend we found ourselves in Hagerstown, Maryland. With a full schedule, we rarely have time to go out for a nice meal, often settling for pizza or fast