The past two weeks my daily memories on social media have filled up with posts from when I was in Disney World doing the Disney College Program, and it caused me to reminisce more and more about my time there. I went down in August

Earlier this year, as my husband and I were perusing the line-up of artists scheduled to perform at our favorite outdoor concert venue here in Southern Oregon, we couldn't quite agree on who we wanted to see. Those I wanted to see Harry wasn't particularly

We’ve heard it all before, “Go West, young man.” “Follow your dreams!” “You only live once.” “It’s now or never.” And my favorite, “Fortune favors the brave!” But how many of us really lay it on the line and go for it? Talk is cheap,

This past weekend I had the chance to go to the Poconos in Pennsylvania for my family’s annual weekend on Fairview Lake. Every summer my immediate and extended family drives up to enjoy the weekend that allows us to reconnect through no shortage of lake

A few weeks ago, my dad celebrated his birthday in our usual family style. On the nearest Sunday, we celebrated with his favorite dinner and cake, with a few family members coming over to celebrate. This year, my brother and I bought him tickets to

My girlfriends and I have been trying to plan a trip to Nashville for ages — the promise of good food, country music and a boutique hotel calling our names. That's why I was delighted to read a feature article in this week’s WhereverFamily News

During a recent visit to Sonoma County, California, my husband and I spent the day in Glen Ellen. We were staying at Gaige House + Ryokan. We arrived ahead of check-in time, and our room wasn’t ready yet, so we decided to explore. We first made

Last week I wrote about the Running Y Ranch Resort my husband and I visited for a quick midsummer getaway, detailing all the amenities and activities the area offers. We didn't avail ourselves of everything the resort features, but we did manage to do more

I recently had the opportunity to learn more about Butler Hospitality during a conversation with founder Tim Gjonbalic. In 2016 Gjonbalic decided, after finding hotel room service lacking and a discouraging burden to guests, to take over the process. Butler Hospitality reinvented the age-old hotel

From educational panels for the business travel industry and breathtaking architecture to a rooftop party at the iconic The Godfrey Hotel, great food and even greater people, it’s safe to safe my first visit to Chicago was a success. To welcome August, part of the

On my second visit to Chicago but my first stay in the actual city proper, my already high opinion of Chi-town was further validated. My colleagues and I traveled to the Windy City for the annual GBTA Convention and got to experience the Gold Coast,

This past weekend, I took a great mini-vacation with my girlfriend before returning to an all-but-empty office, since the majority of the Global Traveler team is in Chicago for the Global Business Travel Association convention. We left on Wednesday night after work and set out to

Tonight might be the perfect night to stay up late. The Perseid meteor showers will put on a spectacular show as they reach their peak. The Perseids light up the sky every summer as Earth passes through the trail left by Comet Swift-Tuttle, a miles-wide

Well folks, as promised, here is the whole other story. On my last blog about The Grand Canals of Suzhou, I mentioned it was a jumping-off point and a short drive to Hangzhou, one of the great green tea-producing areas of China. Hangzhou is situated

If you're like me, your summer has flown by and you wonder where it's gone. The editorial team has just wrapped up the September issue of Global Traveler, and just the other day I saw a huge display of Halloween costumes at our local Costco. Thankfully,