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Archaeological Paths
Latin America
Archaeological Paths
March 2022
Mar 3, 2022

Transformational Projects Boost Guayaquil’s International Allure

Founded during the Spanish conquest. in. 1537, Guayaquil – the largest city in Ecuador, with a population of about 2.5 milloion –  is the country's main business center and port. During the past two decades this tropical city drenched with the brilliant colors of fruit trees, flowering palms, native plants and wild orchids, took on some of the most comprehensive urban revitalization projects in South America. These all led to new foreign direct investments, safer neighborhoods, historic restorations and an increase in leisure visitors.

TAP Air Portugal: 77 Years Young

TAP Air Portugal, or rather Transportes Aéreos Portugueses, was founded 77 years ago, March 14, 1945, and flew its first commercial flight September 19, 1946, inaugurating service from Lisbon to Madrid, Spain, aboard a Douglas DC-3.