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October 2010
2010 / October 2010
Oct 1, 2010

Hotel Palomar

Arrival/Check-in: When I arrived at Hotel Palomar, it was a beautiful spring afternoon in Philadelphia. The staff immediately assisted me with my luggage and welcomed me to the property. I was intrigued by the unique design of the hotel. Adorned with vibrant portraits of Thomas Jefferson and colorful sculptures of Benjamin Franklin, the boutique property had a contemporary twist on American history. After taking a moment to enjoy the atmosphere, I approached the front desk where check-in was fast, easy and friendly. (30/30)

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2010 / October 2010
Oct 1, 2010

Elysian Hotel

Arrival/Check-in: I arrived at the Elysian after a traffic-filled drive from Chicago O’Hare Airport to find a courtyard reminiscent of Paris, with a water fountain that immediately soothed this weary traveler’s nerves. The doorman warmly welcomed me and escorted me to the reception desk. Check-in was fast and efficient and before I knew it, I was being escorted to my Gold Coast Suite. My escort showed me around the large suite, which felt more like a private apartment than a hotel room. As he was leaving, he said the Elysian is a tip-free hotel, which, I must admit, is a first for me. (30/30)