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August 2013
2013 / August 2013
Aug 1, 2013

The Iroquois New York

Arrival/Check-In: For some reason, I had it in my head The Iroquois New York was located on 49th Street; as such, that was where I directed my cab driver, and when I realized my mistake, I ended up pulling my suitcase and other bags the four remaining blocks to the hotel. I was happy to find an empty lobby and to receive immediate assistance checking in. In the elevators on my way to my suite, I noted it was probably one of the fastest check-in experiences I’ve ever had.

Adventure of a Lifetime with Volvo

Looking for a truly unique travel experience and considering a new vehicle? The Volvo Overseas Delivery Program is the perfect solution to create your own adventure of a lifetime. Volvo allows you to custom order your new automobile tailored to fit your needs and desires. They will fly you to Sweden to pick up your Volvo so you can drive and explore Scandinavia and Europe on your terms for up to two weeks.

2013 / August 2013
Aug 1, 2013

Deanna White, President, Flexjet

Name: Deanna WhiteTitle: PresidentCompany, city: Flexjet; Richardson, TexasNumber of employees: 700-plusRecent project: Position Flexjet as an exceptional private travel experience provider, and become a top 100 employer by building an engaged and empowered workforceFirst job: I was a waitress at Steak ’n Shake.Little-known fact about you: I have a piece of the Berlin Wall.