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eFlyer Reviews
eFlyer Reviews
Jan 17, 2024

Scenic Opal Review

Twelve purpose-built ships cruising rivers in Europe are dubbed Space-Ships <CQ>, but when I stepped aboard one of them, Scenic Opal, no Jedi warriors or Vulcans with pointy ears greeted me. Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours didn’t coin the name to create an outer space or sci-fi theme. Instead, it meant to express the spaciousness of its ships.

Hit the High Notes in Nashville

Nashville’s once-modest skyline continues to evolve as its luxury market grows. Lavish hotel properties are added to the landscape while acclaimed chefs stake claim in the robust culinary scene and premier cultural offerings round out the city’s repertoire.

eFlyer Reviews
Jan 10, 2024

Cane & Table Review

New Orleans’ French Quarter has thrived as a destination for years because of its highly specific ambiance and the bars and restaurants that define it. Whether they are humble dives; buzzy live music establishments; or places referenced in literature, film and television, each one has a reputation to live up to. Some of them famously meet expectation better than others. Cane & Table accomplishes the feat. Its simultaneous respect for and departure from the standard New Orleans restaurant helped earn its place as a verified local haunt.