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eFlyer Reviews
eFlyer Reviews
Mar 10, 2020

The Millennials Shibuya Review

The Millennials Shibuya is a capsule hotel, a Japanese minimalist lodging option embraced by business travelers looking for a clean bed for a night at a reasonable price. However, the growing Millennials hotel group, whose target market may be implied in the name of the property, and with locations in Kyoto and Fukuoka, turns the format on its head. In fact, this reworking adds a lot of extra comfort and style to the mix. It does simplicity with such style, in fact, its ratings on different travel sites are as high as many of Tokyo’s 4- and5-star hotels.

Athens: A city that charms its guests and stirs their emotions

The city took its name from Athena, goddess of wisdom, strategy and war, and protector of the city. The financial, political and administrative center of the country and an all-powerful city-state in antiquity, Athens is a major center of culture. A visit to the first-ever museum dedicated to Byzantium, a stroll around the National Garden and a trip to the Olympeion archaeological site will take you back through time.

eFlyer Reviews
Mar 3, 2020

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo Review

Those looking to stay in a truly central location in Tokyo will want to check out Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo, steps from Shinjuku Station. The property’s aesthetics are old-school East meets West, with the lobby having a bit of a timeless Midtown Manhattan vibe, and many rooms decorated in simple, contemporary, Japanese style. However, it’s the subtle details and special amenities that make this hotel surefire lodging for business clientele.