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February 2005
2005 / February 2005
Feb 1, 2005

Prague: Czech It Out

Start by storming the castle. From the outside, the gilded gates and gothic spires of Prague Castle (Hradcany Square) in the capital city of the Czech Republic are what every child imagines a European castle should look like. From the inside, you’ll get a view of the city below fit for a king (or a queen). Two hundred years ago, a trip to the castle meant you’d run afoul of royal authorities. Today, the only problems you’re likely to encounter are the crowds of tourists inside.

Seabourn: It’s Not an Escape, It’s an Arrival

Go ahead, take a nice, deep breath. Because a Seabourn voyage is all about this moment you’ve come so far in life to embrace. It’s not an escape, it’s an arrival.

2005 / February 2005
Feb 1, 2005

African Game Reserves: A Whole New Game

Sitting in an open Land Rover, the New York lawyer in front of me surveys the scene. Thirty feet away, three lions are gorging on a warthog. Jackals and hyenas skulk among nearby trees. Vultures circle overhead. “I didn’t need to come to Africa for this,” he says brusquely. “It’s like a regular day at the office.”