Leaders from around the travel industry extend congratulations as Global Traveler celebrates its 15th anniversary. Greek National Tourism Organization North America congratulates

LAST MONTH WE KICKED OFF VOTING for our annual GT Tested Reader Survey awards while wrapping up voting for our

AFTER ARRIVING AT THE AIRPORT and making it through security, a quick check of the time reveals boarding for the

WHEN WE FILLED OUT OUR application to adopt our dog from a miniature schnauzer rescue organization nearly three years ago,

AS JANUARY SIGNIFIES THE START of a new year, it’s only fitting the month kicks off voting for the GT

JOIN US IN CONGRATULATING the inaugural winners of the 2018 Wherever Awards, the awards for the best in travel as

WHETHER YOU ASPIRE to amass millions of frequent-flyer mile points or just want a rock-solid credit card that offers plenty

BREAK OUT THE CRYSTAL — it’s time for a celebration! This year, 2018, marks the 15th anniversary of our GT

AS GLOBAL TRAVELER CELEBRATES the 15th year of the annual GT Tested Reader Survey awards, we honor those brands representing

FOR THE EIGHTH CONSECUTIVE year, Global Traveler honors the best of the best in naming 2018’s Airline of the Year

WHEN IT COMES TO MEASURING the best of the best, there are lots of ways to go about it. Competitions

APPROXIMATELY SIX MILES offshore, a shimmering white island appears. Or is it a shopping mall or an entertainment complex? Or

THE YEAR 2019 WELCOMES A HOST of new ships, itineraries, themes (multigenerational, active, wellness, soft adventure, cultural, culinary and educational)

TALK ABOUT LONGEVITY! For an astounding 85 years, Turkish Airlines, in one incarnation or another, has had passenger airliners in

AT JUMEIRAH FRANKFURT, a towering, 208-room luxury hotel — just steps from the Zell, this German regional capital’s busiest shopping

WITH A PICTURE-PERFECT SUNSET as our backdrop, Global Traveler lauded the winners of the 2018 Leisure Lifestyle Awards during an

TODAY’S FAMILIES COME IN A VARIETY of shapes and sizes. And with that comes a variety of needs, especially when

HOTEL BRANDS CATERING TO KIDS You’re sure to already have your own favorite luxury hotel brands — maybe there’s one that

IF IT SEEMS EVERYONE AROUND you is drinking wine, you’re not imagining it: In 2016, Americans sipped 790 million gallons

THE PIERRE HOTEL OPENED IN 1930, a handsome, light-shaded building on the corner of Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue and East 61st

THE MERE THOUGHT OF STARTING a new airline is beyond daunting, never mind keeping it aloft and growing for 30

ARE VACATION RENTALS LIKE AIRBNB the wave of the future? Hotels are certainly sounding the alarm. The short-term lodging company

HOW DOES A TRAVEL PROVIDER make a splash among a generation so inundated with information they can have five more

IN RECENT DECADES, ECONOMIC REFORMS and trade deals brought about a transformation in Mexico. As the country opened up to