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September 2020
September 2020
Sep 16, 2020

Thompson Chicago Review

ARRIVAL/CHECK-IN: My stay at the Thompson Chicago, in February 2020, was my last trip before (and since) the COVID-19 pandemic. So while as of press time my stay was just a few months prior, I’m certain the experience is, today, somewhat changed.

Peace of Mind

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September 2020
Sep 14, 2020

In the Moment: Letter From the Editor

Ahhhhh. That’s the feeling of a deep breath released, tense shoulders relaxed just a bit and a deeper sink into a comfortable chair. It’s unlikely most of us have experienced many moments like that in the past few months, but I hope, as we enter fall, those moments become more frequent for all of us. It’s the feeling of release when you reach the top of a summit on a hike, when the plane wheels touch the runway or when you dig your toes into the sand on a beach day. Unfortunately, for me, at least — although I’m sure my fellow intrepid travelers will agree — travel typically brings me many of those moments and, with less travel, they’ve been fewer and farther between. But the minute I saw this month’s cover, I felt that “ahhhhh” feeling wash over me. Couldn’t you picture yourself right there, content with your feet in the warm sand, staring at the horizon peacefully?