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August 2022
August 2022
Aug 23, 2022

Denver Rebounds with Tourism Upgrades and Expansions Underway

The Denver population grew 20 percent over the last decade, and its ever-increasing intrigue brings in more than 13 million additional visitors each year. From Red Rocks to the Denver Beer Trail, with world-class art, bountiful nature and an explosive marijuana tourism industry in between, the reasons to visit Colorado’s capital diversify as rapidly as its population itself, and the city spends billions to accommodate the growing interest.

Hit the High Notes in Nashville

Nashville’s once-modest skyline continues to evolve as its luxury market grows. Lavish hotel properties are added to the landscape while acclaimed chefs stake claim in the robust culinary scene and premier cultural offerings round out the city’s repertoire.

August 2022
Aug 20, 2022

Plan your Travel Around the World’s most Interesting Sports Festivals

In late September the spectacular World Nomad Games comes to İznik in western Turkey, offering the chance to watch traditional nomad sports such as horseback archery, wrestling, and hunting with eagles. Shortly after, Oct. 5–9, mountain bike fans descend on Cairns, Australia, for the latest installment of Crankworx World Tour. After starting as an annual event in Whistler, Canada, the organizers took the show on the road in recent years, allowing people around the world to watch and compete in mountain bike races.