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FX Excursions offers the chance for once-in-a-lifetime experiences in destinations around the world.

New and Improved Tech Tools

by Akhil Kalepu

Aug 1, 2017
August 2017

Cord cutting is getting more attractive, especially with the implementation of live TV, the last obstacle for sports fans and news junkies. Hulu Live TV is available all over the United States, but local channels are currently limited to certain areas. It includes many of the staples like CNN, ESPN and Bravo, but certain networks like AMC, Comedy Central and HBO aren’t offered. The $40 subscription fee also gets you 50 hours of storage to Hulu’s cloud DVR and access to the site’s extensive on-demand catalog. Extra features like no commercials and unlimited screens are available for an additional $4–20. $40/month.



USB turntables aren’t often considered hi-fi. Sony’s PSHX500 is one of the exceptions. Vinyl is in the midst of a resurgence, and many records come with a link for digital downloads, but some enthusiasts prefer an analog mix to digital. The PS-HX500 solves this with a hybrid setup, playing vinyl through high-quality circuitry that simultaneously records to a high-resolution digital file. There are better decks out there, but they’re also more expensive, and the extra cash is better spent on a new cartridge. If you like its minimalist design, this is a reliable turntable to crown your listening room while digitizing your collection for the road. $399.99.



Anyone who wants an easier way to do gourmet cooking needs the Anova Precision Cooker — essentially a water boiler that clips to a pot, allowing you to cook sous vide in a precise and efficient manner. Sous vide is a technique in which you fill a plastic bag with your ingredients and slow-cook them in boiling water. The result is a dish that retains all of its juices and flavor; the only thing left is to crisp it up a bit on the grill. This culinary tradition has been around for a while, but the Anova Precision Cooker allows you to automate the time and temperature, making gourmet meals even easier to prepare. The updated model has a better clamp that fits in a larger variety of pots. Other features include a circulation fan to move the hot water around and a laboratory-grade thermometer. $145.



Touch screens are the norm for smartphones, but they don’t compare to the tactile feel of typing on a real keyboard, which is why many in the business community were hesitant to ditch the BlackBerrys of yore. Enter the KEYone, the company’s revamped phone designed to compete with Apple and Samsung. You get a full QWERTY keyboard underneath a 4.5-inch, 1620×1080 LCD touch screen. It’s not quite suited for reading articles, but people who spend a lot of time writing emails will appreciate the space on the display afforded by placing a physical keyboard below. The lower portion of the face can also act as a trackpad for your screen, recalling the original trackball BlackBerry for which BlackBerry was famous. $549, preorder.


FX Excursions

FX Excursions offers the chance for once-in-a-lifetime experiences in destinations around the world.


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Jan 17, 2022

Galei Kinneret Hotel Opens in Israel

London-based Saar Zafrir Design unveiled its latest project: Galei Kinneret Hotel. Located on the Sea of Galilee, the restored 123-room property was one of Israel’s first luxury hotels, originally built in 1946.

IHG® Business Edge: Working Together with SMEs

IHG® Business Edge: Working Together with SMEs for a smarter way to manage travel

Jan 14, 2022

New Martin Luther King, Jr. Dedication at Plant Riverside District

With Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday, Plant Riverside District, also known as Savannah’s Entertainment District, is officially dedicating a park to Martin Luther King, Jr. Located on the Savannah riverfront, Plant Riverside District will hold a ceremony to unveil a commissioned bronze monument dedicated to the late Civil Rights leader.

Jan 13, 2022

Nayara Alto Atacama Launches Private Plane Transfers

Nayara Alto Atacama, in Chile’s Atacama Desert, recently launched private plane transfer service for guests, allowing up to eight people to depart Santiago and fly directly to San Pedro de Atacama aerodrome in one hour and 50 minutes. Previously, guests would have to fly two hours to Calama, followed by a one-hour, 20-minute drive to Nayara Alto Atacama. The new private jet option saves guests 90 minutes of transfer time each way.

 Reconnect with the world in The Islands of Tahiti

Located in the South Pacific, The Islands of Tahiti are just eight hours by air from California. Surrounded by pristine, crystal-clear blue waters, the 118 islands and atolls offer natural beauty, authentic island culture and unique French Polynesian style. The Islands of Tahiti are world-renowned for white-sand beaches, stunning turquoise lagoons and varied landscapes ranging from coral atolls to volcanic mountain peaks. Privacy comes naturally in The Islands of Tahiti and offers visitors the space to relax and reconnect and to be Embraced By Mana. Mana is the life force and spirit that connects all things in The Islands of Tahiti.

Jan 12, 2022

What’s New in Norway 2022

Norway’s travel curator Up Norway revealed some of its top recommendations for travelers visiting Norway in 2022. Whether guests seek new hotels, activities or other offerings, Up Norway includes it all in its 2022 list.

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Jan 12, 2022

QuintEvents’ 2022 Super Bowl Offer

For guests wanting the ultimate VIP experience at this year’s Super Bowl, QuintEvents offers an exclusive opportunity. Guests can choose from a variety of QuintEvents’ offers to not only have a seat at the game but also to enjoy cocktails, chef-prepared dishes with legendary football hall of famers like Dan Marino, and a stay at a luxury premium hotel with a beachside option.

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Jan 12, 2022

Sonesta Select, Sonesta Simply Suites Celebrate First Anniversary

Introduced and managed by Sonesta International Hotels Corporation, Sonesta Select and Sonesta Simply Suites celebrated their first anniversary since launching in December 2020. Responsible for almost 2,500 new hires in the last year, Sonesta Simply Suites and Sonesta Select allowed Sonesta as a whole to become one of the fastest-growing hotel companies in the United States.

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