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Akhil Kalepu
Lifestyle / Technology
May 1, 2017

Smart, Versatile Gadgets

BLUESMART ONE Smart luggage is becoming all the rage, packing a variety of gadgets into the venerable rolling suitcase along with a hefty price tag that compares to high-end, analog luggage like Tumi. With the Bluesmart One you get two USB charging ports, GPS tracking, a Bluetooth connection to control the digital lock and proximity alerts, as well as a lost luggage recovery compliments of Uber. Lock and battery are TSA compliant. The suitcase is designed to maximize your carry-on space, so make sure it falls within your airline’s requirements. $449. bluesmart.com/one

8 Reasons to Visit Ireland this Fall

Considering an autumnal adventure or Thanksgiving trip this year? Well, with walkable cities, cozy pubs and lots of seasonal festivals, the island of Ireland is calling. And if you need more reasons to Press the Green Button and go, take a look and see what awaits you on the Emerald Isle …

Apr 30, 2017

Get a Last-Minute Booking for Your Night Downtown

Hotel Tonight, launched five years ago, revolutionized hotel booking by offering last-minute deals at a cut rate. Hotels often have empty rooms, and the Hotel Tonight app offers the opportunity to fill rooms quickly in exchange for a cheap rate.