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Akhil Kalepu
Lifestyle / Technology
May 1, 2017

Smart, Versatile Gadgets

BLUESMART ONE Smart luggage is becoming all the rage, packing a variety of gadgets into the venerable rolling suitcase along with a hefty price tag that compares to high-end, analog luggage like Tumi. With the Bluesmart One you get two USB charging ports, GPS tracking, a Bluetooth connection to control the digital lock and proximity alerts, as well as a lost luggage recovery compliments of Uber. Lock and battery are TSA compliant. The suitcase is designed to maximize your carry-on space, so make sure it falls within your airline’s requirements. $449. bluesmart.com/one

Why Buy Annual Travel Insurance?

One affordable plan can protect an entire year of trips: business or pleasure, short or long, domestic or international.

Apr 30, 2017

Get a Last-Minute Booking for Your Night Downtown

Hotel Tonight, launched five years ago, revolutionized hotel booking by offering last-minute deals at a cut rate. Hotels often have empty rooms, and the Hotel Tonight app offers the opportunity to fill rooms quickly in exchange for a cheap rate.