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GT Staff
Jul 11, 2016

Cenk Ocal, General Manager, Turkish Airlines, New York

Name: Cenk Ocal Title: General manager Company, city: Turkish Airlines, New York Number of employees: 50 (New York) Recent project: Creating a new marketing campaign aimed at B2B customers First job: Flight attendant, Turkish Airlines Little-known fact about you: I am the former general manager of Turkish Airlines in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Greece: Destination Luxury

Since its prestige for attracting the world elite grew in the 1960s, Greece remains the go-to destination for glittering holidays. Each step of the journey is enrobed in luxury, from culinary traditions with the highest standard of execution and name-brand, high-end shopping to first-rate wellness locales and elite accommodations, like 5-star hotels, private villas and yachts.

Jul 1, 2016

Park Won-soon, Mayor of Seoul

Name: Park Won-soon Title: Mayor of Seoul Company, city: Seoul Metropolitan Government; Seoul, South Korea Number of employees: 39,649 Recent project: We started a zero-complaint project to cater to tourists, supporting our agenda to make 2016 the first year of quality tourism in Seoul. Among various efforts, we established booths where tourists can access travel information and make performance reservations along with interpretation services. First job: I moved from a rural area to Seoul to attend high school. My first job was tutoring the kid of the family I stayed with. My first career jobs were prosecutor, human rights lawyer and human rights activist. Little-known fact about you: I wrote and published 50 books about human rights, torture and laws.