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Sep 1, 2012

From a Distance

I’m heading to Dubai this month for business. My company’s satellite office recently opened in the emirate, and my Dubai-based colleagues insisted I play a round on The Montgomerie, Dubai course. Imagine my surprise when I opened the July issue of Global Traveler and found Publisher Francis X. Gallagher reviewed the course. Perfect timing; the article made me anticipate the trip even more. Thanks!

Scott Peters, Baton Rouge, La.

One on One

Just had to write in and say I love the new format of your interviews with executives in the front of each issue. The questions are far more personal and interesting than before, and the layout and pictures are even more reader-friendly. All the changes to GT in 2012 have been well worth it!

Mary Beth Harrison, via email

Do You Work on Vacation?

In a July 27 blog post, Managing Editor Kimberly Krol wrote about a recent TeamViewer (a remote-access computer company) and Harris Interactive poll indicating 52 percent of Americans work on vacation. We asked, will you be part of that percentage?

As a professional organizer, I believe in “container-izing” time just like you would the stuff in your home or office. You wouldn’t think it orderly, efficient or serene to store your pencils with your sweaters, would you? So why do people insist on mixing work with pleasure? There is endless research that proves when we step away from an activity and create downtime, we return rested, invigorated and more creative. You’ll get more done upon your return if you stop working and truly relax. Surely one of the reasons America’s creativity is in a massive slump (there are heaps of sad data on this also) is the lack of enough true vacation time. My clients shared with me all the imaginable (or, as I refer to them, imaginary) reasons why they have to work on vacation. They’re all absurd when examined closely. So unplug, disconnect and un-work on your next vacation or weekend getaway, and notice your vitality, health and happiness increase.

Erika Salloux, Cambridge, Mass.

Hotel Pool Boycott

In the July 25 issue of eFlyer USA, we discussed a boycott of hotel pools based on a finding that hotels are not adhering to regulations under the Americans with Disabilities Act. A recent Department of Justice ruling required all hotel pools install lifts by March 15. Are our readers participating in the boycott?

I will join this boycott. It is important to support access rights for people with disabilities. My son is in a wheelchair, and it is disappointing he cannot enjoy the same amenities as others who travel.

Carol Underwood, Phoenix, Ariz.

Think Twice

Your recent stories on questionable hotel safety—unsafe hotel Internet connections (eFlyer USA, May 16) and possible hotel door lock security breaches (eFlyer USA, Aug. 1) — made me think twice on my last hotel stay. While I wouldn’t say I was naïve before, I certainly had more faith: leaving my laptop in plain view when I left the room, logging onto the Internet and visiting secure websites from anywhere in the hotel, never placing valuables in the safe, and not always remembering to bolt the extra door locks at night. Most recently, I stayed at a beautiful 5-star hotel in Europe. Normally I wouldn’t assume extra care was needed, but thanks to the heads-up from GT, I utilized the hotel safe, did not visit any password-protected sites from the hotel Internet and made sure to secure the locks at night. I appreciate your bringing these types of important issues to my attention.

Scott Havine, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Worth a Thousand Words

When I travel the world, one of the first items I pack is my camera. During a recent trip to Greece, my camera broke toward the end of the trip. Luckily, my travel companion’s camera worked, and my iPhone served as further backup, so I did not need to purchase a new one abroad. I reflected on spectacular shots from my favorite vacations: Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Hollywood Boulevard, houses in Montmarte and the beaches of Spain’s southern coast, to name a few. I look back fondly at photographs of my travels. I can’t help but wonder: Are my experiences less meaningful without photographic proof? While I can’t imagine forgoing a camera during my travels, I remember details my camera never could — the smells and sounds of faraway places. As I purchased a replacement camera after my trip, I envisioned the images it would capture next. However, in the future I might start carrying a spare disposable camera to ensure my travel memories stay memorable.

Irving Bentley, New York, N.Y.

June Cover Battle

In June, we ran a Doha cover. We asked for your opinions — did we make the right choice, or should we have gone with our runner-up, the Belize cover? One reader shares.

As an architect, your June 2012 cover caught my attention with the image of the Museum of Islamic Art by I.M. Pei. The cover image made me grab a copy of the magazine at Philadelphia International Airport. But the Belize cover represents where every traveler dreams of going — especially as I leave home for a business trip to the Middle East.

Ousama Mortada, Philadelphia, Pa.

Cabo San Lucas Versus Bora-Bora

In the July 2012 issue of Global Traveler, we featured a Cabo San Lucas cover. Our runner-up was an underwater shot from Bora-Bora. Once again, we opened the floor to reader opinions. Did we choose the right cover image?

I would have chosen the Bora-Bora cover over anything in Mexico.

Beth A. Thompson, Seattle, Wash.

I’ve enjoyed seeing alternate cover choices in the recent issues of Global Traveler. As an avid reader of the magazine, I like the behind-the-scenes look at what goes into the final version I receive monthly. I’ve tended to agree with all your choices thus far. While the Bora-Bora picture is beautiful, the Cabo San Lucas cover is a more appropriate choice for the magazine.

Michael Jones, Scottsdale, Ariz.

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FX Excursions

FX Excursions offers the chance for once-in-a-lifetime experiences in destinations around the world.

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Balearic Islands Tighten Tourism Laws

Spain’s Balearic Islands’ government recently announced tighter laws targeting excessive tourism. The new law bans drinking on public roads and prohibits shops from selling alcohol late at night. Tourists found breaking these rules could be fined up to €3,000.

Reconnecting the World: GBTA Convention 2023 Spotlights the Vital Role of Business Travel and In-Person Connection

In an increasingly digital and interconnected world, the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Convention remains an indispensable platform for business travel industry professionals seeking to make the most of the power of face-to-face connections. Taking place August 13–15 in Dallas, the 2023 GBTA Convention provides the unique opportunity for professionals and companies to join visionaries, thought leaders and industry experts for meaningful networking, cutting-edge insights and inspiring innovation.

NH Collection Debuts in Finland

The new NH Collection Helsinki Grand Hansa marks the brand’s latest property. Located in the center of the Finnish capital, the property combines two historically significant buildings, Hotel Seurahuone and Student House. The hotel features 224 guestrooms and suites, including a grand, 1,722-square-foot presidential suite.

Global City Guidebook: Toronto

Toronto, Canada’s largest and most populated city, sits on Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore. Ontario’s capital city, it boasts a skyscraper-crowded skyline dominated by the iconic CN Tower, but it also features many green spaces and 530 miles of the Bikeways Network. With 158 distinct neighborhoods, the city is known for its multiculturalism as well as being a world leader in technology, finance and entertainment.

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Jul 12, 2024

New York’s Dominick Hotel Opens Rooftop for Summer

With the rooftop season already upon us, it is time to start thinking about visiting one of New York City’s resort-style oasis for cold summer cocktails and great city views.

Jul 11, 2024

Patrick Mouratoglou Partners with The Ritz-Carlton Naples, Tiburón on Tennis Center

World-renowned tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou announced a partnership with The Ritz-Carlton Naples, Tiburón to debut the first Mouratoglou Tennis Center in Florida. The center opened in early summer 2024 boasting training camps, private lessons, leagues and retreats that deliver a premium tennis experience.

Colombia: A Different Kind of Beauty

Colombia’s beauty defies description — it’s that unique, that special, that different — and travelers are taking notice as 2023 marked the country’s best year for tourism, welcoming more than 6 million international travelers. The Country of Beauty looks to continue growing and enhancing its regions and communities in 2024 and beyond.

Jul 10, 2024

Canada’s Gardens Explode with Colors and Scents in Summer

During a Québec summer, nature puts on a unique display of vibrant seasonal scents and flashes of color. From learning about indigenous flora and traditions at Space for Life Botanical Garden and enjoying the fragrant lavender fields at Bleu Lavande, to seeing beautifully landscaped gardens at La Seigneurie de l'île d'Orléans, creating a hand-picked floral arrangement at Ferme Florale Libella, and exploring the historically and culturally rich grounds at Reford Gardens, there’s no shortage og places to experience Québec’s spring flowers.