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FX Excursions offers the chance for once-in-a-lifetime experiences in destinations around the world.

Mail Call July 2017

Jul 1, 2017
July 2017

I recently traveled to Los Angeles, Calif., for the first time and had the opportunity to stay in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. During my short stay, I couldn’t help being a tourist and visiting The Getty Center, the Santa Monica Pier, the iconic Hollywood Sign and the Walk of Fame, among other famous sights. Los Angeles is a large county with so much to see.

When traveling to a new destination, do you visit the tourist hot spots, or do you create your own?

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In the May issue, Katie reminisced about her honeymoon, spent exploring New Orleans, Los Angeles, Tahiti and Bora Bora. She asked GT readers: What do you consider when booking a trip around an anniversary, birthday or other special event? Do you have any memorable experiences?

My husband and I enjoy traveling and have been blessed enough to do so at least twice if not three times a year. I usually pick the destination, and he spends the time researching and booking it. For my 40th birthday, we did a tour of Italy with Trafalgar, and it was amazing. Every day was better and better. For my husband’s 50th birthday, we were invited to a wedding in Germany, so we decided to include Budapest. For my 45th this year, we spent 15 days in China with Sinorama. If there is a word better than awesome, that would be China! For his 55th birthday, I want us to go to Africa. That’ll be in three years, so we have time to plan what we want to see most. Our 20th wedding anniversary will be in three years. Where to go? I believe the world is so big and life is too short not to travel it.
KIM BROCKAMP, via email

In the May 16 issue of eFlyer USA, we updated GT readers on the state of the electronics travel ban on flights from several African and Middle Eastern airports, instituted by President Donald Trump. We asked readers: What are your thoughts on another potential electronics travel ban on flights from Europe?

I understand the reason for the United States government’s decision to ban large electronic devices from airplane cabins during flights from certain foreign airports. I, too, care about the safety of all, and I regularly travel to foreign countries.
I run a small personal business, and I need to take my laptop with me on long trips. I also carry a camera when traveling for pleasure. My concern is for the safety of my laptop and camera inside my checked bag. We have all heard stories about items being stolen from checked luggage, even when the bags are locked. Travelers are generally advised not to put valuables into checked luggage. Yet I understand TSA has the right to open and check all bags and even cut locks. So what is a traveler supposed to do? Will the government (or airlines) give me some kind of insurance policy to protect my devices (and their data) while placed in a locked, checked bag?

I’m concerned. I like to be secure, but there is a point where it’s too much. I’m afraid my plans may be canceled. That would impact a global cruise I’ve paid for, starting in Singapore.
I also like to have my Kindle with me. It’s my partner, as I’ll be traveling solo. The evenings can get long, as well as the flights.
TERRI CALABRESE, Delray Beach, Fla.

In the May 23 issue of eFlyer USA, we covered the results of a study that found Americans are foregoing hundreds of millions of vacation days this year, including summer vacation days. We asked readers to tell us about their summer travel plans and asked: Do you plan on taking a vacation? Have you already booked it?

I’m ashamed to say I didn’t save time for a vacation this summer. With graduations, graduation parties and the busy season starting at work, it wasn’t in the cards this year. Next year, I plan to schedule myself a getaway further in advance because I do believe it’s important to take as many of your vacation days as you can. It’s surprisingly difficult to remember to use them sometimes.
CAROL STATHAM, via email

We’re taking the kids to Puerto Rico this summer for a much-needed change of pace. We weren’t sure we’d be able to squeeze in a trip with practices and work, but we haven’t gotten away in a while, nor have the kids. The hotel is booked, plane tickets purchased, and now we’re just looking forward to long days on the beach, Caribbean cuisine, live music and quality family time. My husband and I went to Puerto Rico for our honeymoon, so it’ll be great to be back with the kids.
HANNAH LANDAU, via email

In the May 9 issue of eFlyer USA we talked about a recent survey that found business travelers are more stressed than ever about personal safety on the road and maintaining a work-life balance. We asked, have you felt extra concern traveling lately in regards to personal safety or work-life balance?

Traveling always comes with its fair share of risks. While I admit I’ve been a little more nervous the past few months, it’s certainly not going to stop me from traveling for both work and pleasure. Things can happen anywhere at any time, in my own hometown or across the world. It’s not surprising, though, that frequent travelers report stress about work-life balance. Frequent business travel can be exhausting. While it’s great to have the opportunity, it also takes a toll on your body. It’s been taking me longer and longer to get back to normal following a work trip, and I’ve had to put more effort into maintaining a healthy lifestyle when I’m traveling for work.

I really enjoyed Richard Newton’s article in the May 2017 issue, as remote business travel is an interesting trend that has changed a lot since I first started traveling for business 20 or so years ago. To be honest, I think it’s a great thing. The ability to stay connected anywhere lets employees see the world rather than working exclusively in an office. As long as the work is getting done well and on time, why not take every opportunity to work remotely if you can?

My wife and I ventured to Marrakech earlier this year, and we were blown away. I’m a history buff and my wife is an art lover, and we never wanted to leave. We stayed in a great hotel with stone courtyards and an oasis pool. We spent a lot of time in the markets trying different food and admiring the handmade artworks. The architecture was the most impressive part of the city for me, so old but beautifully preserved. We were there for 10 days but felt like we barely scratched the surface.
CARL ALBINSON, via email

As always, I really enjoyed the Spoils section in the May 2017 issue. I bought my wife the Edelheiss organic wine as a Mother’s Day gift — thanks for the great idea!
TIM BECKE, via email


FX Excursions

FX Excursions offers the chance for once-in-a-lifetime experiences in destinations around the world.


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