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Sep 1, 2014
2014 / August 2014

Panono Ball Camera

A true — and dazzling — innovation: One quick toss of this camera captures everything in every direction into a high-resolution, 360-degree by 360-degree full-spherical panoramic image. Toss it high in the air and the camera’s accelerometer calculates when it’s at its highest point and barely moving, then triggers 36 cameras to capture the moment. View images in the free Panono app by moving your phone up, down and all around as if you were inside the image. The 108-megapixel images provide incredible detail, even things you didn’t see when you snapped the shot. It also works as a handheld camera, or you can mount it on a pole. Available for preorder. $549.

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The world’s smallest Bluetooth location sticker keeps track of valuables like your keys, wallet and luggage, tracking them within 150 feet via a free smartphone app. Also create a virtual leash that notifies you if your sticker goes out of a set range — for example, if a fellow traveler accidentally grabs your luggage at baggage claim. If you lose a tagged item, activate the “lost sticker” feature; any user running the SticknFind application will automatically begin looking for your lost sticker; once it’s detected, you will receive email notification with “last place seen” and timestamp information. $49.99 for two stickers.

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Sony Cyber-shot RX100 III Camera

Here’s the first Cyber-shot model to offer high-resolution HD video recording at a data rate of 50MB per second with lower compression for improved video quality. The brighter, wider aperture lens gathers twice as much light as previous models, ensuring portrait subjects are captured against beautiful background defocus and allowing the lens to capture moving subjects clearly without blur. The liquid crystal display tilts upward by 180 degrees for selfportraits and down to about 45 degrees for high-angle shots. Connect via built-in WiFi with Xperia or NFC-compatible Android smartphones or tablets for instant image transfer. Smart Remote Control links the camera with your device to preview a live image, fire the shutter from a distance or review shots instantly. Devices without NFC one-touch capabilities can wirelessly transfer images and activate remote control through Sony’s free PlayMemories Mobile app for iOS and Android. $800 (exact price not yet available).

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LaCie Fuel

Expand your iPad capacity without cables or Internet. With 1TB or 2TB of wireless storage, the LaCie Fuel lets you store 500+ movies or thousands of photos, songs and documents and access them on your iPad, iPhone or Mac. It creates its own WiFi network, so up to five devices can access its storage at once. Stream an HD movie to up to three devices simultaneously, a must for family road trips, long commutes and airport layovers. With a 10-hour battery life, enjoy your media all day. While the LaCie Fuel doesn’t need Internet to work, it can connect to WiFi hotspots to provide Internet access to up to four wireless devices. $179.99 (1TB); $249.99 (2TB).


FX Excursions

FX Excursions offers the chance for once-in-a-lifetime experiences in destinations around the world.

Oct 18, 2019

Shop Your Favorite Hotel Products

Four Seasons now offers a full-service, online shopping experience. Travelers can purchase Four Seasons beds, linens, towels, robes and more. Each product receives premium packaging and door-to-door delivery, with the shopping experience assisted by unique chat options — shoppers enjoy the Four Seasons standard of service from home.

Mexico awaits you!

Get to know Mexico with ONE FREE NIGHT With Fiesta Americana Get to know Mexico with the largest hotel company in the country, offering more than 185 options in the best city and resort destinations. Book at any of our hotels with the best available rate at the time of booking and get one night free.

Oct 17, 2019

Rosewood Washington D.C. Reopens with New Experiences

One of Washington, D.C.’s most luxurious urban retreats, Rosewood Washington D.C., recently reopened with new and revamped experiences.

Oct 17, 2019

Germany Discusses Doubling Air Travel Tax

In response to climate change, Germany’s Christian Democrats proposed doubling taxes on domestic flights to reduce CO2 emissions. The plan would exempt connecting flights (part of long-haul trips) so the impact would only be on the current tax of $8.10 per ticket for domestic flights.

TAP Air Portugal Adds 15 Flights Each Week From U.S., Canada

TAP Air Portugal is adding 15 new weekly flights from the United States and Canada by summer 2020,  a new record for the carrier of 71 weekly flights between North America and Portugal.

Oct 17, 2019

Hyatt Announces New Property Coming to Cairo

The Hyatt Regency brand returns to Cairo with the anticipated 2020 opening of Hyatt Regency Cairo West. The property is aimed at both business and leisure travelers with its close proximity to Pyramids Heights Business Park, diverse corporations and landmarks such as the Pyramids of Giza.

eFlyer Deals
Oct 16, 2019

Anniversary Offer in Hokkaido

Will you travel over your anniversary this year? This hotel in Japan has everything you could need to celebrate in style.

To New Heights

United Airlines announces a number of new routes.

eFlyer News
Oct 16, 2019

Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok Completes Renovation

On Nov. 11, one of Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok’s distinctive features will reopen to the public.