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Great Eight

Feb 1, 2011
2011 / February 2011

Number eight is the most powerful of all numbers.” So begins one of the myriad sources showcasing the lore, mythology and beliefs associated with numerology and, specifically, the number eight. In fact, the power of the number eight is a consistent theme across generations and cultures.

“The number eight is closely associated with business, success and wealth,” says Francis X. Gallagher, Global Traveler publisher and CEO. “Some say the number eight represents dogged determination and momentum. These themes complement the goals of Global Traveler.’’

As we enter our eighth year, we at Global Traveler are inspired by the traits accorded this auspicious number. Inspiring. Results-oriented. Powerful. Ambitious. Visionary. These are just a few of the qualities associated with the number eight.

Read on as we share good wishes from our industry friends and associates as we enter our eighth year.

Congratulations to you and your staff as Global Traveler enters its eighth year of publication. Singapore Airlines has been a proud partner of Global Traveler for many years, giving us the opportunity to speak directly to your magazine’s sophisticated, globe-trotting readers. Best of luck to you as the magazine embarks upon its next eight years! Ken Bright, vice president, Singapore Airlines

On behalf of Air China, I would like to congratulate Global Traveler on celebrating its eighth anniversary of publication. The number eight is not only an important milestone but is also an auspicious number that among the Chinese signifies an abundance of good fortune and continuity.

It is my pleasure to extend to Global Traveler my best wishes for its continued growth and success in the coming years. I am confident that under the dynamic leadership of Francis X. Gallagher, GT will grow as wide as the news and destinations it covers and will soar to even greater heights. Zhihang Chi, vice president and general manager, North America, Air China

Congratulations, Global Traveler, on reaching your eighth year. This is a significant milestone — we wish you the very best and continued success. Keith Wixson, director, American Express Membership Rewards

I congratulate the Global Traveler team on its success in building and creating Global Traveler. Only a skilled player of pool can navigate around the infamous eight ball. You have successfully navigated and created an insightful, dynamic and relevant magazine which appeals to a core group of frequent travelers. Congratulations and many more years of success. Nicholas Panza, vice president the Americas, Air Tahiti Nui

As a long-time reader and client of Global Traveler, Turkish Airlines has been extremely happy with the personal attention and service we receive. GT shows great interest in Turkish Airlines’ products and services and also makes a point of bringing Turkey into its pages on a regular basis. We hope that this relationship only grows further over the next eight years. Alp Ozaman, marketing manager, Turkish Airlines

Congratulations on the upcoming eighth anniversary of Global Traveler. In Chinese culture, eight is considered to be a lucky number; but we all know that the success of your publication has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with the quality of your magazine and the respect it has earned across the travel industry. It’s not surprising that The Wall Street Journal recently quoted you in their article regarding travel awards, a credible endorsement for your magazine and the global diversity of its editorial content.

At IHG, we were reminded that the number eight also represents eternity, an interesting link to our hotel loyalty program, Priority Club Rewards. As you know, Priority Club points never expire, lasting for, well, an eternity once they are earned by our members. We look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries with Global Traveler in the years to come! Don Berg, vice president, loyalty programs, InterContinental Hotels Group

The Seoul Tourism Organization congratulates Global Traveler on its eighth year. Eight is a special symbolic number for Seoul, a city established as the walled capital of the Joseon Dynasty in 1392, complete with eight Great Gates. For more than 600 years, these beloved gates have served Seoul well and watched over the city as it grew and prospered. May this eighth year be a very special one filled with success and open gates of opportunity for Global Traveler for years to come. Maureen O’Crowley, senior director, marketing and conventions, Seoul Tourism Organization

Congratulations on your eighth year! In Japanese, the number eight represents a brighter future or bigger things to come. That is exactly how we feel about our successful relationship with Global Traveler. We are honored and excited to be able to work with you and be part of your publication. Wishing you further growth and a very bright future! Jean Saito, manager, online/marketing communications, marketing and sales, the Americas, All Nippon Airways

Congratulations to Francis X. Gallagher and all involved in the production of Global Traveler. As you enter your eighth year of publishing, may you enjoy continued success and growth. Joe Byrne, executive vice president, United States and Canada, Tourism Ireland

It is fitting to wish our good friends at Global Traveler congratulations on their eighth year as Asiana announces its purchase of the Airbus A380. What an exciting time for both of us. GT and Asiana have been partners for the last eight years, and the remarkable progress and growth at the magazine has been exciting to watch and experience. As the GT family delights in Asiana’s many successes, we celebrate theirs. Happy anniversary, Global Traveler!

Steve Koo, senior manager, marketing and alliances, Asiana Airlines

Congratulations to Global Traveler on eight successful years in publishing. From its inception, Global Traveler, like American Airlines, has been dedicated to enhancing the travel experience for seasoned travelers. GT’s continuous delivery of invaluable travel information to business and leisure travelers for the past eight years is certainly noteworthy. We, and the dedicated readers of GT, look forward to what’s to come in the magazine’s next eight years and beyond.

Andy Backover, managing director, external communications/corporate communications, American Airlines

Is eight truly enough? We think not. Never mind that old TV program. Congratulations on being just shy of a decade of producing one great publication. GT continues to be our forum to reach influential business travelers with the latest news about direct service to Switzerland from our eight North American gateways as well as our eight private and exclusive seats in our new SWISS First cabin. Yes, indeed, the number eight is a significant milestone; and on behalf of Swiss International Air Lines, we send our heartfelt congratulations for many more, as eight is simply not enough! Jacqueline Pash, head of corporate communications/public relations, USA, and the team at Swiss International Air Lines

Congratulations, Global Traveler, on eight years of success. Eight is a fortuitous (and ubiquitous) number in China, since the Chinese pronunciation is close to “fa,” which means good fortune and good luck. Chinese consider eight such a lucky number that it is the most desired number in addresses and telephone numbers. Just look at the telephone numbers for any large company in China. (Our U.S. call center is 888 688 8813.) It was specifically planned that the Beijing Olympics started at 8:08 p.m. on Aug. 8, 2008. On behalf of Hainan Airlines, Fran and company, good fortune and good luck on the next eight years! Joel Chusid, general manager, North America, Hainan Airlines Company Ltd.

Congratulations on the eighth anniversary of publishing Global Traveler from all of us at Emirates! Global Traveler has managed to maintain a fresh approach to travel with interesting articles on the latest initiatives in the industry and high-quality writing. We are starting 2011 with optimism that it will be a good year for us and the travel industry, so we wish all the team at Global Traveler another successful year. Nigel Page, senior vice president, commercial operations, Americas and Africa, Emirates

Congratulations on your eighth year! Your contribution to keeping the corporate traveler informed on the newest developments in the travel industry is highly appreciated and recognized. I am looking forward to many more years of successful partnership. Dan Gaico, marketing director, Austrian Airlines

The number eight often stands for dogged determination — and in the travel industry, dogged determination is exactly what it takes to succeed. At Delta Air Lines, we have that spirit, that drive, which allows us to keep climbing, keep improving and keep working to better serve our customers. So does Global Traveler. From one determined travel partner to another, and on behalf of the 80,000 employees of Delta Air Lines worldwide, we congratulate you on eight successful years. Tim Mapes, senior vice president, marketing, Delta Air Lines, Inc.

At Air Canada, there is much ado about the number eight, especially with our Asian markets. In the Chinese culture, eight is associated with prosperity and good fortune. It is indeed these same sentiments we share with Global Traveler on this fortuitous occasion. Denis Vandal, senior director, marketing, Air Canada

On this auspicious anniversary for Global Traveler, it’s worth reflecting that in these last eight years, the magazine has seamlessly provided a valuable service to the traveler, just as we do with our flights to the African continent. Only through the attributes of the number eight, which represents ongoing cycles, a seamless string of movement and a continuing momentum — all things that travelers appreciate, whether in their favorite magazine or on their flight — can we serve the road warriors who make both our businesses possible. Congratulations to Global Traveler on this eighth year. Just as SAA is committed to its continuing momentum as Global Traveler’s Best Airline to Africa, so we wish that GT continues to thrive and grow in the years to come. Marc Cavaliere, executive vice president, North America, South African Airways

We are thrilled to congratulate Global Traveler on eight years of providing dedicated travelers with an escape to other worlds. May the next eight years be filled with more success, growth and fun. From your friends at Virgin Atlantic. Laura Kilroy, communications specialist, marketing, Virgin Atlantic Airways

The number eight represents consistency and continuity. And consistency is a hallmark of excellence, a common value that AT&T and Global Traveler share. AT&T consistently offers customers the most extensive wireless voice and data footprint around the world so they can enjoy wireless access to the people, information and resources they need when traveling abroad. In this same spirit, Global Traveler works to educate and inspire its readers so they have the information they need to get the most from their travels. As Global Traveler embarks on its eighth year, we extend our congratulations. Here’s to another year of excellence. Pamela Papner, executive director of international marketing, and the team at AT&T

Global Traveler remains an important and strategic source for reaching Avianca Airlines corporate travelers. We wish you continued success in keeping the corporate travel world updated on industry affairs! Congratulations on your eighth year! Rolando Damas, general manager, AviancaTaca

As TAM’s growth has evolved in the United States, our partnership with Global Traveler has shown how important it is to have the right tools to promote our product through the best possible channel. GT’s reputation made it possible. José Sampol, director, North America, TAM Airlines

Alitalia C.A.I. congratulates Global Traveler on reaching this important and symbolic milestone. We share in your celebration of your eighth year and agree that the attributes associated with the number eight, continuity and strength, reflect Global Traveler.

In January 2011, Alitalia C.A.I. celebrates 24 months of operation as a new and private company. Like your eighth year, our 24th month was reached through hard work and determination, and like Global Traveler, we continue on a positive momentum toward future milestones. We are proud to be the airline with the most non-stop routes to Italy. In fact, we have exactly eight non-stop routes from our U.S. gateways to Italy! Antonio Temporini, senior vice president, Alitalia

Global Traveler came on the scene during a turbulent time in travel yet blossomed to become an important industry resource. With the publication entering its eighth year, we take a moment to consider the symbolism associated with this numeric milestone — steadfastness, determination and success. The entire Global Traveler family shares these attributes — the key reason it is always a pleasure working with the magazine. Here’s to many more years of enhancing the business traveler experience through Global Traveler’s insightful content and Lufthansa’s premium services. Martin Riecken, director of corporate communications, and the team at Lufthansa

On behalf of Tourism Malaysia, it gives me great pleasure to acknowledge the long and friendly relationship with Global Traveler. I am indeed pleased to note that GT has brought immeasurable pleasure not only to American readers but to other global audiences as well, including Malaysia. To us, the symbol eight indicates maturity, prosperity and a well-balanced chi — or yin and yang — and is a testament to how well you serve the needs of your audience.

We congratulate you on your eighth year and wish you many more years of prosperity, growth and continued success in bringing important tourism news and features to travel aficionados across the globe. I am certain that as GT celebrates its rich past, it also renews its commitment to be a magazine dedicated to enriching the travel experience. Best wishes from all of us! Haji Azizan Noordin, acting director general, Tourism Malaysia

The number eight is the luckiest number in the Chinese culture, which is why we opened the Park Hyatt Beijing on Aug. 8, 2008. The Chinese believe it brings good fortune and prosperity, and for Global Traveler, this has clearly proven true! Congratulations — we are very proud of all you have accomplished in eight years and look forward to many more years of success! Sara Kearney, senior vice president, brands, Hyatt

Global Traveler is an outstanding and authoritative source of business travel-related news and articles relevant to the travel industry. As a reader, business traveler and airline marketing practitioner, I find GT highly informative as well as entertaining. In this age of media clutter, GT is one of the very few magazines that I still read from cover to cover. Congratulations! Jonathan Pansacola, manager, sales and marketing, USA/Canada, Saudi Arabian Airlines

Global Traveler was established just one year prior to Etihad Airways, and in just eight years has become a leading resource for the travel and tourism industry. In many of the Asian countries we fly to, eight is considered an extremely lucky number and is similar to the word “prosper.” We have certainly seen Global Traveler prosper over the past years as it has built a solid readership and grown its distribution despite a tough media climate. Etihad Airways congratulates Global Traveler for its success over the past eight years and looks forward to its continued prosperity. James Hogan, chief executive officer, Etihad Airways

While reflecting on the number eight, I looked at what was going on during British Airways’ own eighth and 88th years. In 1927, the eighth year in the history of our airline, our predecessor, Imperial Airways, introduced the luxury Silver Wing lunch service to Paris. In those days, the journey from London to Paris took over seven hours by boat and train. Imperial Airlines’ service reduced travel time to just two-and-a-half hours.

Fast forward to 2007, our 88th anniversary was also a historic one for British Airways. Our good fortune came in the form of a historic operating margin; a testament to our focus on costs while continuing to provide the innovative products for which British Airways is renowned. Simon Talling-Smith, senior vice president the Americas, British Airways

Congratulations to GT for reaching this great milestone. It seems most fitting that a publication that shares with its readers its expertise of the seven wonders of the world (and beyond) is celebrating the next number in the sequence. Richard Krulik, chief executive officer, SOLO/Briggs & Riley Travelware, U.S. Luggage LLC

Congratulations, Global Traveler, on your eighth year. We wish you continued success; you are a valuable contributor to the world of travel publications. Madeleine Vogelsang, product manager, Air Berlin Group, Air Travel Marketing Services, Inc.

On behalf of the Tourist Office of Spain in Chicago, I would like to wish you and the entire team at Global Traveler a happy eighth year. It is a delight for us to work with such outstanding professionals. Congratulations to you all on yet another year of excellence in business travel journalism, providing GT´s discerning readers with the very latest on the world´s hottest travel destinations.

Teresa Gancedo Nieto, director, Tourist Office of Spain

Bula! Fran, congratulations from all of us at Air Pacific as you celebrate your eighth successful year in publishing. The number eight in many cultures represents success through determination, continuity and the momentum for growth. These attributes certainly apply to Global Traveler in your efforts to be “the source” for luxury business travelers. In the spirit of the world’s friendliest people, the world’s friendliest airline wishes you continued prosperity, a future bright with promise and all the good fortune you and your GT team so richly deserve. It is a sincere pleasure working with you, and we look forward to our continued relationship with you and Global Traveler. Vinaka vaka levu! Candy Andrus, general manager, Air Pacific


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