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Hong Kong
May 2019
May 1, 2019

Eclectic Hong Kong

APPROACHING HONG KONG from the air, it can be difficult to appreciate this vibrant metropolis is deemed the world’s most vertical city. But the dichotomy of Tai Mo Shan and Lantau Peak forming a hazy backdrop, sprawling Victoria Harbour separating Hong Kong Island from Kowloon and, yes, those formidable buildings seemingly constructed on top of one another all serve as a metaphor for the city. Here East meets West, traditional commingles with modern sensibility, and Chinese and British history still influence while locals protectively hold onto a decidedly Hong Konger identity.


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October 2018
Oct 1, 2018

Hong Kong: Creative Powerhouse

OVERLOOKING STUNNING VICTORIA Harbour, Hong Kong is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city in which soaring skyscrapers, world-class infrastructure and international businesses co-exist in harmony with rich cultural traditions, serene green spaces and its 7.39 million residents, who enjoy the best of East and West.