Air New Zealand’s Impossible Burger

Photo: © Rafael Ben Ari |

By - August 2, 2018

The vegan Impossible Burger by California-based company Impossible Foods is now available on Air New Zealand’s business-class menu on flights from Los Angeles (LAX) and Auckland (AKL).

The Impossible Burger gained a following thanks to its beef-like smell and taste. The burger is infused with the iron-containing molecule found in meat. The company uses the molecule, heme, to impart a meaty consistency.

The burger is produced with 75 percent less water, 87 percent less greenhouse gases and 95 percent less land compared to a beef burger. It’s growing in popularity and available in 2,500 restaurants in the United States.

Air New Zealand will carry the burger on flights NZ1 and NZ5 through at least late October.

The burger “tastes just like the real deal,” said Air New Zealand customer experience manager Niki Chave. The airline will continue to offer standard meat options as well.

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