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Top 10 City Games in Scandinavia

by Debra Bokur

Sep 20, 2022

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Ready to role-play your way through Scandinavia? BookNordics.com lets you immerse yourself in your favorite fictional tales on a variety of interactive, self-guided sightseeing “city game” adventures placed in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The first step is to download either the Questo or StoryTourist app to your phone. Next, choose a theme from the available options and let your phone act as your private guide as you embark on an expedition that might include mysteries, riddles — or even alien beings from another planet.


1. Oslo’s Vigeland Park: Alien Threat (Norway)

Save the world while learning about artist Gustav Vigeland and his sculptures in an 80-acre park devoted to his work.


2. Oslo’s Old Town City Exploration (Norway)

Adopt the persona of Oslo’s founder, Viking King Harald Hardrada, as you discover 1,000 years of history and legends associated with the city.


3. Ghosts of Stockholm: Night Walk (Sweden)

Haunted Stockholm? Find out for yourself as you make your way to the city’s eeriest corners, including Alley of Hell.


4. Last Human on Earth: The Helsingborg Case (Sweden)

Solve puzzles as you explore Helsingborg Castle, Henry Dunkers Plats and Helsingborg City Hall.


5. Stockholm’s Old Town: Troll Escape (Sweden)

The city’s Old Town, or Gamla Stan, has been invaded by a troll — and it’s up to you to catch him as you follow a path that includes the Opera House, Royal Palace and other notable locations.


6. Magical Copenhagen: Little Mermaid City (Denmark) 

Mermaid sites hold clues to uncover, and you’ll find them at the House of Hans Christian Anderson, Amalienborg Palace and the famous Little Mermaid Statue.


7. Copenhagen Hippie Freetown Christiania (Denmark)

Immerse yourself in a puzzle-solving adventure in the historic center of the city’s infamous Christiania district.


8. Experience the Little Mermaid’s Story (Denmark)

Uncover clues to the story behind the tale of Copenhagen’s beloved Little Mermaid on this city audio tour.


9. Explore Lund and the Story of the Locus Peccatorum Murder (Sweden)

Travel back to Lund University in the 1800s to uncover old photos and documents associated with the true story of a 200-year-old murder.


10. Step into Wallander’s Story and Solve a Murder Mystery

Based on author Henning Mankell’s famous literary detective Kurt Wallander, this interactive quest lets you follow the investigation from Sankt Knuts square to Wallander’s apartment and his favorite café to solve the tale of “The Death of the Photographer.”


FX Excursions

FX Excursions offers the chance for once-in-a-lifetime experiences in destinations around the world.

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