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Debra Bokur
August 2019
Aug 1, 2019

Spas of Western Québec

SEEKING OUT PLACES embraced by natural surroundings is a crucial component to a healing journey for many travelers. I’ve always been a big advocate of nature’s healing powers and the verity of the ancient Chinese proverb that credits nature, time and patience as being the greatest of all physicians. Western Québec’s Outaouais region proves one of those corners of the planet that seem to be perfectly in balance, whether covered in layers of sparkling snow, adorned in blazing shades of autumn, garlanded in spring blooms or wrapped in sunshine and a rush of summer birdsong — making it ideal for a spa-based getaway.

Goway Offers Travelers Journey of a Lifetime

Since 1970, Goway Travel has been committed to providing customized travel experiences for world travelers. Few things are better evidence of this commitment than being awarded the 2019 Trazees award for Favorite Tour Operator. Goway Travel heartily thanks the readers of Trazee Travel for this honor and for their confidence in Goway’s work in creating travel memories that’ll last a lifetime.

June 2019
Jun 1, 2019

Vienna: Imperial City of Song

EVEN WITH ITS LEGENDARY laid-back coffeehouse culture, distinguished concert performances and celebrated balls, a lot of work gets done in Vienna. With its status as a federal state and the country’s political, economic and cultural epicenter, this riverside metropolis attracts leisure seekers, those in search of a healthy lifestyle and big business — all drawn by a combination of factors that include a skilled and educated workforce, a high standard of living and access to both cultural- and nature-based activities. Worth noting: Green space comprises nearly half of the busy city’s surface.