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Debra Bokur
August 2020
Aug 27, 2020

Spain’s Top-Ranked Hospitals Boast Outstanding Global Reputations

Spain—the land of paella, flamenco and fine weather — also offers an eminent location for medical tourists seeking a wide range of treatments in top-ranked hospitals. It’s not surprising: In an analysis of the world’s best health care systems published in the 2019 edition of CEOWORLD magazine’s annual Health Care Index, Spain holds the No. 7 position out of 89 countries surveyed, a placement earned for factors ranging from quality and training of health care professionals to infrastructure and cost (for comparison, the United States sits at No. 30).

Experiencing GBTA Convention 2021
Safely and Responsibly

GBTA’s Convention 2021 will bring the business travel industry together for the first time in a long time. Once again, you’ll learn and connect with experts and each other, along with discussions with leading thinkers, entrepreneurs and change makers addressing the issues that matter most.

Leisure Lifestyle 2020
Jul 16, 2020

Hotels With History Around the World

WHEN YOU SWEEP THROUGH THE ENTRANCE portal of the Regina Isabella on the island of Ischia in your best linen trousers or with your flowing silk skirt lifting seductively in the warm Mediterranean breeze, you’re absolutely allowed to bask in the limelight and surrender to your most outrageous film fantasy. It’s almost obligatory, given the path across the lobby’s fabulous tiled stone floor requires you to follow, quite literally, in the footsteps of movie icons Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Sofia Lauren, Audrey Hepburn and Charlie Chaplin — all of whom adored this villa set into the Italian cliffs rimming the Tyrrhenian Sea.