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Debra Bokur
Jan 20, 2023

Tenerife Hikes, Food and Palm Tree Park

A popular vacation spot and a frequent port for cruise ships, the island of Tenerife lies off the northwestern coast of the African continent. Part of Spain’s Canary Islands, Tenerife features a host of sites and activities, including water parks, golf courses, beaches, sailing, hiking trails in lush forests and Teide National Park — a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to Spain’s highest peak. It’s also one of three Starlight Reserves located within this archipelago, and there’s no better place to marvel at a twinkling starscape than from Teide National Park’s volcanic expanse.

Discover Seoul’s Sustainable Side

Awareness about fair and sustainable travel continues to grow around the globe, with travelers everywhere considering a destination’s eco-friendly options before visiting. As public consciousness for this important aspect of tourism strengthens, tourists also look beyond just ecotourism and delve deeper into types of travel that allow them to respect the local culture, interact with locals and distribute benefits fairly.

Jan 18, 2023

Warm Up with Sunday Roast at London’s RAREBIT

Modern British cuisine is the name of the game at RAREBIT, located at Elephant Park in South London’s Newington neighborhood. Not only does this cozy restaurant have a bar, an all-day kitchen and its own eclectic grocery market, it’s also where in-the-know locals flock for one of the city’s best Sunday roast menus.