Staying Productive on Long Flights or Train Rides

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By - August 10, 2018

In the moments following a train pulling away from the station or a plane beginning its ascent, it’s tempting to want to shut off your brain and sit back with a good book. There is always work to be done, though. Here is how you can engage yourself and stay productive on your next trip.

Making sure you have a fully charged laptop is the first step for staying productive. Use this opportunity to read up on any upcoming projects. If you are headed to an important meeting where business customs are key, use this time to study local business culture. Reading up on the locality of the meeting is never a bad idea, either.

If you have already done all of your research, take some time to clean up your laptop. If there are copious amounts of clutter crowding your desktop, this is the perfect opportunity purge. If your profession involves content creation, this down time is the perfect time to create some proofs for clients, some copy for advertisers or content for your website.

The most important aspect of staying productive is remembering to take regular breaks. It is difficult to work for hours while confined to a flight — no different than working in the office. Take regular breaks to make sure you are working at peak productivity for the majority of the flight.

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