Facial Screening at Athens International Airport

Photo: Niradj | Dreamstime.com

By - March 29, 2019

Athens International Airport is now the first airport in Europe testing the facial biometric technology SITA Smart PathTM. This service allows passengers to use facial screening procedures in lieu of a passport or boarding pass at specific security points.

Once travelers arrive at the airport and choose to use the service, they scan their passport and have their photo taken. This process verifies guests as known travelers and allows them to travel through security on a fast track without having to scan their boarding pass or reshow ID.

If the swift, efficient movement through security isn’t enough of a draw for airlines to use this biometric technology, Smart Path is also cost-effective, as it uses the same technology as the already-installed check-in kiosks. The technology can be customized to the airline’s specific needs and requirements, allowing Athens to offer this service to other airlines and partners, including those within Aegean’s Star Alliance.

Other airports already use SITA’s Smart Path solution, including Brisbane (BNE), Doha (DIA), Muscat (MCT), Orlando (MCO), Miami (MIA) and Boston (BOS), with more to follow in 2019.

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