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Christyn Pek

Escape to Space

Sep 8, 2022
Jun 16, 2022

Eating Well at Sage Sarasota

I was in awe as I walked inside Sage SRQ restaurant in Sarasota, Florida. The atmosphere was not at all what I expected. Live music was playing on the main floor, which consisted of a sitting area overlooking the lower-level bar, which was great for those waiting for the rest of their party to arrive or for their table. I felt as if I walked into a classy speakeasy in Manhattan, the way the dim lighting hit the dark leather furniture. However, rather than waiting, we walked down the stairs and found a spot on a stool at the bar, where my friends ordered cocktails that required the bartender to torch the top to give the foam an extra flavor while laying coffee beans for décor. Espresso martinis, how fancy!

Alaskan Wild Wonders by Celebrity Cruises

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Jun 2, 2022

Are Checked Bags Necessary?

One challenge many people face in preparation for a trip is whether or not to bring a checked bag. The first question is, is it feasible to fit all necessities into one 22-inch-by-14-inch-by-9-inch rolling bag? Then comes: Can I manage to pack without adding all of my favorite full-sized cosmetic products and beauty commodities? The answer is, yes, I can survive without, but that might be a more complex question for some. It sounds crazy, but I have seen friends overpack for weekend getaways, or I have sacrificed my portion of a shared checked bag because they feel they need to bring everything in their bathroom on a short trip. I've met individuals who even travel with a personal makeup mirror, which takes up more space than a pair of shoes. But realistically, are those items truly needed? If you stay with friends, don't you think they would have things to borrow, or, if you're at a hotel, don't you think you can survive using provided shampoo and blow dryers as opposed to packing every gadget in hopes you will use it for an evening out? I guess that depends on the person. Below is a checklist and tips for deciding if a checked bag is necessary.