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Bill Lodzinski

Tokyo, Japan

Jan 12, 2020
December 2019
Dec 9, 2019

Waldorf Astoria Atlanta Buckhead

Arrival/Check-In: Arriving late in the afternoon, we drove into the courtyard-style front entrance of the Waldorf Astoria in the Buckhead section of Atlanta. Unforgettable luxury and irresistible charm meet at this property in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Georgia’s capital, all in a setting near the best shops, dining and entertainment in the city.

Fill Your Heart with Ireland

Whether it's the people, the craic (fun) or the coasts, travelers always find something to love about the island of Ireland. What fills your heart?

Nov 29, 2019

Doing Dotonbori

Japan is one of my favorite countries to visit, not just because of the richness of its history and the beauty of its landscape but also because of the charm of its people. In addition, Japan offers so many unique areas that have their own special vibe and character. The Dotonbori district of Osaka, Japan, is one of those places. During one of my many trips to the Far East, my daughter Tisha and I made a stop in Osaka specifically to visit Dotonbori.