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Becca Hensley
Leisure Lifestyle 2022
Jun 16, 2022

Dive into a Dreamy Honeymoon Destination Worthy of Celebrating Your Love

Honeymoons reign as the ultimate reward. They stand out as your prize for a love well-tended, pay you back for months of wedding planning stress, and seal your commitment with an unforgettable experience that signifies the beginning of your new path together into the future. Honeymoons, you might say, represent the threshold to the next chapter of your life. Ready to step into the next phase? We propose some places that promise to fuel your amore for a lifetime.

Join the Global Movement: GBTA Drives Business Travel Through Community, Learning and Advocacy

The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) believes business travel is a fundamental force for good and brings the industry together to connect, innovate and set new standards. With members from across the globe, GBTA engages the many voices of business travel to build a collective future, providing a platform for buyers and suppliers to come together, connect with peers, grow their network and shape the future of the industry.

March 2022
Mar 15, 2022

Reboot at Lake Austin Spa Resort in Texas Hill Country

On the grassy shores of Lake Austin, my husband and I spar — with swords. Don’t worry. We’re not really in danger of slicing one another if we take a misstep, which frankly happens each time I step forward when I am supposed to move backward. In fact, we’re wielding bokken, wooden swords used primarily for martial arts weapon training. Along with other guests, we attempt to follow the footwork and bokken swings demonstrated by our instructor, who softly leads us in bokken practice’s most elementary steps. “It takes hours a day for years to become an expert,” he reminded us when we faltered. The swords, meant to represent real weapons in shape and weight, play a large role in Japanese martial arts training, disciplines from kendo to aikido.