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Becca Hensley
August 2019
Aug 1, 2019

Lesser-Known Food and Wine Destinations

BORED WITH BORDEAUX? Thoughts of Napa bring on a nap? Don’t care two whits about Tuscany? Perhaps the time has come to explore that trove of untrammeled, lesser-known, worldwide wine lands, places you’d never expect could grow a vine or 10. Microclimates around the globe ensure grapes thrive in the most unexpected places, and winemakers, dating back centuries, know just what to do with all that juicy fruit. From vintages made from grapes you never knew existed to old favorites crafted to make a drink that embraces regional gravitas, the offerings in these under-the-radar wine areas will add to your oenophile savvy. Since limited production can mean some wines don’t get exported to your favorite store, the best option is to travel for your tastings. The world, in fact, is your wine glass. Consider that every wine region relies on stellar food as its complement, and you won’t want to miss a meal.

A Lighter Footprint

United Airlines’ environmentally friendly efforts lessen the impact on local U.S. communities.

eFlyer Reviews
Jun 11, 2019

Kenya Airways Business Class Review

“One does not travel by plane. One is merely sent, like a parcel,” wrote Isak Dinesen, who knew something about flying and Africa. It seems apropos to think of her as I fly from New York (JFK) to Nairobi (NBO), artfully tucked into a spacious business-class seat, a velvety blanket wrapped around me, and socks, decorated with a lion’s footprint, delicately pulled over my feet.