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Becca Hensley
January/February 2021
Feb 28, 2021

Stroll the Magical Medieval City of Lucerne

A fairy-tale city hemmed in by mountains on one of the area’s most beautiful lakes, Lucerne exemplifies Switzerland in a nutshell. Its stirring medieval old town brims with sgraffito- adorned houses, colorful buildings, a covered bridge and a glistening lake complete with swans — along with a sophisticated, grownup vibe that makes you want to be an insider. Myriad mountain trails, water sports options aplenty, a history including the likes of Goethe and Wagner, and heady museums such as the Rosengart Collection establish Lucerne as a destination in itself. But how to spend your evenings?

Why the Future of Business Travel Might Look Different

Global business travel is making its way back, even as the pandemic and other world events continue to challenge its return. In a recent poll from the Global Business Travel Association, more than four in five respondents (86 percent) from across the industry said they feel more optimistic than they did at the beginning of the year. Business travel bookings, the need to travel to do business and employee willingness to travel are all on the rise.

November 2020
Nov 5, 2020

Impress Your Clients in Austin

In the Lone Star State's buzzy capital city, you can stand on a downtown bridge and watch the world's largest urban bat colony emerge at dusk like ribbons of undulating black velvet as the mammals fly out from below for their evening dinner reservation with the local bug population. Their exodus occurs in the apropos burnt orange (University of Texas-hued) skies, while human spectators applaud in ritualistic glee. Below, at the same time, intrepid bat lovers gaze up from canoes or kayaks, poised on the dammed-up Colorado River (known as Lake Lady Bird) that bisects the city. From that perspective, the bats appear as a nightly, star-studded ballet. Either way one experiences the adventure, it won’t be forgotten. Some 50,000 visitors flock to Austin annually just to partake of this phenomenon.