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Mar 4, 2019

The Magic City

Palm trees and warm weather in January?   I visited Miami last month, leaving one of the coldest days in the Northeast behind me.  True to form, it was warm, sunny and quite frankly perfect!

Briggs & Riley: Elevate Your Journey with Quality Luggage

Embracing a life well lived often means embracing a life well-traveled. Every journey becomes a canvas for experiences that shape our lives and at the heart of every adventure lies the indispensable companion: quality luggage.

Jan 8, 2019

Security Lines in the U.S.

In this week’s eFlyer USA, I take a closer look at how the current government shutdown impacts different government agencies. I looked most closely at the Transportation Security Administration. The common thinking is, as pay is less and less guaranteed, more and more workers responsible for keeping our skies safe will call out, leading to longer and longer lines and, eventually, perhaps, compromised security operations.

Dec 9, 2018

Chattanooga Airport Goes Solar

The Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport, also known as Lovell Field, is about to become the first airport to be 100 percent solar-powered. Installation of solar panels began this week, and the airport expects to get all of its power needs from the sun by early 2019.

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Aug 19, 2018

The Parking Spot

Going to and from the airport can be somewhat of a nuisance no matter where you are going. This past week, I traveled to San Diego for the Global Business Travel Association convention – this year was the 50th anniversary! I flew from Philadelphia International Airport on a Sunday morning and returned Thursday morning (yes, my first red-eye). Normally I would Uber or get a ride, but this time I tried something different.