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Mail Call March 2020

Mar 9, 2020
March 2020


In our January issue, social media and editorial coordinator Mary Melnick discussed weather-related issues while traveling in winter. Inevitable cancellations and even a personal experience of a five-hour flight delay inspired the question: How do you pass the time during a flight delay? A few readers wrote in with suggestions:

Flying home (to PHL) from South Carolina years ago, what should have been a four-hour day, tops, turned into a six-hour layover in North Carolina. That trip taught me no price is too high to spend at the newsstand in the airport.

SHELLY WALLIS, via email

It seems I have at least one significant weather-related delay every year. I always have downloaded entertainment on my iPad, like books and Netflix shows, just in case. It’s also helpful on the flight since airlines are doing away with headrest monitors.

CHERISE BLANE, via email

A delayed flight usually means a trip to a sit-down restaurant in the airport or nearest bar with a good view of a TV. Preferably by an outlet to get work done, but I do always have a portable charger on me for work emergencies.

MAX GOLDSTEIN, via email


In our Dec. 31 issue of eFlyer USA, we covered recent exposure to the measles in various airports due to the influx of holiday travel. One traveler passed through Chicago (ORD) twice in one week, potentially spreading the virus. A few readers wrote in with thoughts:

You can’t ask American citizens to get vaccinated in order to travel. Being healthy enough to fly, sure, but actually requiring proof of vaccination would be a completely arbitrary request.

GENE REED, via email

I get my flu shot and necessary vaccines not only for myself but to protect others. It would be nice for fellow travelers to do the same.



In our Jan. 15 issue of eFlyer Asia, we reported on Genting Cruise Lines’ largest ship, Global Dream, set to arrive in Asia in 2021. The first-ever global-class vessel will accommodate more than 9,000 passengers and offer the world’s first roller coaster at sea. This news sparked an opinion from an avid reader:

Besides the hassle of getting a visa to India, I can’t believe the service would be up to that of Cunard, Regent, Seabourn or Princess, among others.

Genting Cruise Lines is definitely geared to the Asian cruise market. The atmosphere aboard these ships is not conducive to Western world travelers. I wish them well, but as an international travel consultant I would find it difficult to encourage use of this line.

MICHAEL J GREEN, via email


In our Jan. 22 issue of eFlyer USA, we reported on Philadelphia International Airport’s anticipated record year and plans for the future. The international airline is making changes in 2020, focusing on guest experiences including dining, shopping and suites. A few readers wrote in with thoughts:

I travel frequently through Philadelphia (PHL) and have seen the positive improvement firsthand over the years. The dining has definitely come a long way, and I’ve been see- ing a lot of new stores I recognize planning to open.

THOMAS ARDEN, via email

I was pretty excited when I saw Bud & Marilyn’s opened in PHL on my last trip in November. It was way too early for breakfast, but being a Philly native, I know the biscuits are worth it, so I went anyway to try them. So good.


Philadelphia International Airport is hit or miss for me, so I’m glad to hear it is working on improvements. Some terminals are much better than others.

RON SMITH, via email


In our Jan. 28 issue of eFlyer USA, we discussed the U.S Department of Transportation rules changing the definition of a service animal. Specific rules include allowing airlines to limit the size and number of service animals, requiring passengers with service animals to check in earlier and requiring stricter documentation and training. Some readers wrote in with thoughts:

It’s about time they looked into this and tightened restrictions. I sat one row ahead of a duck on my last flight.

ALEX TABOR, via email

I don’t know what anyone did with their animals before airlines became so lenient on flight restrictions. They could definitely be a bit more thoughtful when allowing just any animal on a flight with flimsy documentation.

BETH HARRIS, via email

I travel frequently with my service animal with all the appropriate documentation, and I think these rules are a little restricting. Travel is stressful enough, let alone requiring the assistance of a service animal. People should stop taking advantage of the system and consider those travelers actually in need.

ALLISON GRANT, via email

As a weekly traveler for business I firmly support the rule amendments. In my opinion the craze of bringing Fluffy along was started by reality shows which will remain nameless.

A service animal undergoes quite a bit of training to assist the traveler in need. They are a wonderful asset for that individual. If you cannot fly without your emotional support “whatever,” please stay home.



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FX Excursions

FX Excursions offers the chance for once-in-a-lifetime experiences in destinations around the world.

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