Facial Recognition Software, Airport Security Screenings

Photo: © Chakrapong Worathat | Dreamstime.com

By - December 5, 2018

Changes may be coming to the Transportation Security Administration’s airport security screening process. Currently undergoing testing with TSA’s PreCheck program, a new program allows qualified travelers to skip crowded security checkpoints and breeze through security, thanks to preauthorization and an annual fee.

An upcoming change to TSA PreCheck and security screenings in general may include the introduction of biometric technology that will require travelers to submit facial scans as well as their fingerprints in order for the agency to build a comprehensive database for future technological screening developments.

As of September, travelers who enroll in the TSA PreCheck program must submit a photograph with their application and, when TSA collected enough photographs, they will begin testing their biometric scanning capabilities with travelers’ faces scanned against the photos they have on file.

Currently, PreCheck members scan their fingerprints to verify their identity when passing through security, but as technology becomes more advanced, so do security measures.