Each day of my eight-day jaunt through Greece brought me something different: from island vistas to mountainous landscapes, from scuba

Valencia, on Spain’s Mediterranean coast, is a lively city during any season. But in March it literally explodes into a

When the Beatles arrived in Hamburg in August 1960 for their first foreign tour, they agreed to a 48-night gig

Since 1613, when a Royal Charter bestowed it with town status, Belfast has been on a mostly steady ascent —

Sicily is Italy on steroids. Compared to the rest of the country, everything on this beautiful Mediterranean island is magnified.

While Alexis Tspiras, Greece’s new prime minister, is busy renegotiating his country’s debt to the European Union, almost every other

Arriving at Munich Airport, and for much of the 45-minute taxi ride into the city, my preconceptions remain unchallenged. We

Through a sea of red and white, the gigantes y cabezudos (giants and big-heads) make their way through the crowded

MADRID As cliché as it sounds, Madrid, a leading European center of arts and culture, really does have it all. But

Like many good adventures, this one began in a bar. “It is a tradition in Iceland to drink the Black

As I pulled into Santander, the objections voiced by my Asturian friends were still ringing in my ears. “A weekend