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Feb 20, 2023

Review: Ocean Casino Resort

ARRIVAL/CHECK-IN: My husband and I arrived at check-in time for our two-night stay. We drove to the hotel, and valet service was fast and seamless. Our room featured VIP access, so we were able to take advantage of expedited check-in, a perk we greatly appreciated, as the line at the front desk was long. We were in our room in no time.

Put Yourself First in Arizona

Putting yourself first has never been easier.

January/February 2023
Feb 16, 2023

Review: Hard Rock Hotel New York

ARRIVAL/CHECK-IN: In town for an event, my overnight stay at Hard Rock Hotel New York came on the heels of the hotel’s spring 2022 opening. You can sense the buzz of excitement at the hotel, which could be attributed to its newness; to its Times Square location; to its musical roots; and to its abundance of memorabilia at every turn, always offering visitors something new and unique to stop and take in. Unfortunately, my visit in the Big Apple was busy, so I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to pause and ogle all that was on display — a great excuse to plan a return visit — but I was pleased to see New York City seemed to once again be humming post-pandemic. Upon my late-afternoon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised to learn I’d been upgraded to a suite. After a quick check-in, it was into the elevator and up to my suite. I had to quickly get ready for that evening’s reception, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to first explore my generously sized guestroom. Music greeted me, playing from the TV, as soon as I entered the room.