The Necessity of Travel Insurance

By - July 22, 2019

I am always interested in people’s thoughts on purchasing travel insurance for an upcoming international trip. From my experience, it seems as though the idea of getting it has become more of an afterthought, especially in millennial travelers. Why is this?

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Many who don’t buy travel insurance see it as an unnecessary cost, with the mindset that nothing will happen to them during their trip. Those who I have spoken to about this typically said they are already spending lots of money on their trips and do not want to spend more on something they will not end up using.

However, therein lies the problem — travel insurance is one of those things you never need until you absolutely do.

With all of the different types and levels of travel insurance out there, most people are now able to find a cost-effective policy that protects against all of the inherent dangers of travel. Whether this is a medical emergency or a lost suitcase, the risk-reward of doing your due diligence on a simple policy can save you thousands of dollars.

My advice: If you don’t want to be stuck with potentially crippling bills, always get insurance for international trips, but do some thorough research when comparing plans. Find out what works best for you, but at the end of the day, it’s worth it because the unexpected happens all the time.

— Chris Sager, account executive

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