Kids Just Want to Have Fun, New York City Edition

By - March 14, 2019

I must admit, as a New Yorker, I do not do a good job keeping up with all the activities that take place in the city that never sleeps. Luckily, WhereverFamily had my back this weekend!

Every month for the last year, I’ve been trying to do something super fun with my cousin (Yahel) and little brother (Abdiel) that involves playing, dancing, learning and — who am I kidding? — whatever tires them out by 7 p.m. when they stay the night. As I pondered all my options, I had a moment of clarity and headed to and found a solution in a matter of three minutes.

After typing “kid-friendly activities in NYC” into Search, I came across this article. At the top of the list is The Children’s Museum of Manhattan. Now, don’t call me lazy, but I am so glad I chose the first option. The kids, my mom, best friend and I spent a fun afternoon celebrating the Navroz festival at the museum.

We all learned about the Persian, Central and South Asian cultures through art, dance, music, stories and painting, among many others. I was bummed I wasn’t young enough to get a temporary henna tattoo. We spent some time on all four floors of the museum — my personal favorite was the Dora and Diego exhibition.

It is truly beautiful and refreshing to see kids of all ages and of different backgrounds enjoy each other’s company, dance, work as a team and, well, be kids. I will definitely make this our monthly spot going forward.

Next time you find yourself planning a family vacation, don’t rule out New York City, and please do your little ones a favor and bring them to The Children’s Museum of Manhattan.

— Yasser Ogando, digital account executive