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Yasser Ogando
Apr 20, 2022

Creative Collaboration Monday

Before I dive into sharing the bliss that was my recent trip to Los Cabos with you, I must share how our team kicked off this week at our Yardley headquarters. Between business trips, event planning, meetings and more meetings, things have been busy, and boy, it feels good. Everything is lively and moving, just how I like it.

TAP Air Portugal’s Porto

When American travelers make plans to visit Portugal, Lisbon is usually their first stop.

Apr 10, 2022

Up Next … Los Cabos!

Is it me, or did March feel a tad too long? It did for me. However, it was the good type of busy, as I like to say every time things get done. It feels as though certain areas collided in a transition to a faster-paced lifestyle that’s rooted in abundance: of resources, opportunities, health, love and awareness. Like I said, it’s a good busy, but it’ll wear you out!