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Katie McElveen
November 2019
Nov 5, 2019

A Sea of Choices

CONSIDERING TAKING A CRUISE FOR your next vacation? You’re not alone. According to the Cruise Line Industry Association, 25.8 million people cruised in 2017. But with more than 50 cruise lines to choose from, each with its own personality, making the right choice presents a dizzying challenge, particularly if you’ve never cruised before.

The State of Sustainability in Global Business Travel

Much of the global business travel industry has already made sustainable business travel a priority with a focus on reducing emissions and their environmental footprint. But the industry, as well as external stakeholders, such as policymakers, recognize more needs to be done.

August 2019
Aug 1, 2019

Bordeaux Boasts Legendary Wines

IT’S BEEN MORE THAN 20 years since the city of Bordeaux shook off centuries of neglect and scrubbed the soot from its buildings, cleared the crumbling warehouses from its riverfront and reconfigured streets to make them more pedestrian-friendly.