A More Sustainable Singapore Airlines

Photo: Ryan Fletcher | Dreamstime.com

By - March 28, 2019

By cutting food waste, reducing single-use plastics and making in-flight meals eco-friendly, Singapore Airlines is committing to a more sustainable future.

New initiatives include the airline working with data analytics, staff feedback and catering companies in an effort to reduce food waste after flights. Though data collection focused on understanding customer consumption patterns, the airline can anticipate waste and proactively reduce cabin food waste.

Reducing use of plastics in flight is another common step by airlines in an effort to go green. Through alternative sustainable materials, Singapore can join the ranks of airlines aiming to become completely plastic straw free, with a goal date of September 2019. The airline already removed all plastic straws onboard in 2018, excluding children’s straws and stirrers. By replacing the plastic with eco-friendly materials, the airline will reduce about 820,000 plastic straws each year.

All of the airline’s paper products, including menus, tissues, toilet paper rolls and even children’s coloring books, are made with FSC-certified paper, which means they’ve been sourced socially and environmentally responsibly.

Another new sustainable initiative covers the airline’s From Farm to Plane concept. While introduced in 2017, the airline announced a new collaboration with AeroFarms, based in Newark, New Jersey, and the world’s largest indoor vertical farm of its kind.

Produce at AeroFarms is grown indoors without soil or sunlight and is completely pesticide-free. Using aeroponic technology, AeroFarms boasts a blend of fresh produce travelers can try onboard the Newark (EWR) to Singapore (SIN) route, beginning September 2019.

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