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Enter the Tamron Photo Contest

For a limited time, you can enter your best travel photo in Global Traveler‘s Facebook photo contest sponsored by Tamron for a chance to win the 16-300mm Di II VC PZD Macro. CLICK HERE to enter and look out for your photo in the contest album at Global Traveler‘s Facebook… [read more]

Aer Lingus

One on One Interview With Aer Lingus’ Michael Rutter

Name: Michael Rutter Title: Chief revenue officer Company, city: Aer Lingus; Dublin, Ireland Number of employees: 4,000 Recent project: Re-imagining and re-launch of Aer Lingus business class First job: General secretary, U.K. students’ union Little-known fact about you: I ran the European launch of Ray-Ban’s Men in Black campaign, dressing… [read more]

Jump Into…

Anker Clock, Vienna

View The March Of Time On Vienna’s Anker Clock

By Debra Bokur

Like many historic European cities, Vienna, Austria, can claim a noteworthy (and highly decorative) animated mechanical clock. Standing more than 24 feet in height and 32 feet in width in a space that was once a Roman army camp, the Anker Clock (Ankeruhr) was the creation of Austrian artist and… [read more]

CCTV Beijing

An American Expat Explores Beijing

By Ilona Kauremszky

Overseeing human resources for CCTV News, China’s main television broadcaster, is a busy occupation. So when Glen Loveland, an American expat living in Beijing since 2007, has time off, he explores the culinary and drinks scene. “I’m a major foodie and enjoy the finer things in life,” he laughs, and… [read more]

Valldemossa Valley Mallorca

Inspirational Island: Explore Mallorca’s Artistic Legacy

By Barbara Radcliffe Rogers

Mallorca has long been a home and retreat for artists of all kinds. Frédéric Chopin composed here, George Sand and Robert Graves wrote here, Spanish artist Joan Miró chose Mallorca for his studio, modernist Catalonian architect Antoní Gaudí restored and enlivened the cathedral with his imaginative work. Visitors today can… [read more]

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates, A Patchwork Nation

By Richard Newton

Dubai is the most visited of the United Arab Emirates, with 5.82 million foreign tourists last year, while Abu Dhabi is the largest (and also the capital). But they are just two of the seven distinct emirates that form the federation of U.A.E. The others are Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah,… [read more]

Tahiti map

Escape To Motu Teta, Your Own Private Island

By Maxine Albert

If you’re looking for a South Sea island away from everything with only the sound of the surf and the sea birds, escape to the Tuamoto Archipelago in French Polynesia. Here in the atoll of Rangiroa, you will find Motu Teta. This tropical island in the middle of the Pacific… [read more]


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