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May 2, 2011

A Day for America

Great news was delivered late last night that takes precedent over the blog I had prepared. Osama bin Laden has been killed by U.S. operatives; this is wonderful news for the world and to those of us who travel or are in the travel industry. On Sept. 11, 2001, I was on an Amtrak train heading into New York City. I continued in and did my best to calm my staff and, in the days following, tried to keep our industry going. Later, we supported many charities that helped the families who lost loved ones. I remember one story, where a young child slept with one of his father's dress shirts as it still smelled like him. So many stories of lost lives, loves and difficulties. No industry was more affected than travel -- travel magazines, airlines, hotels. Anything related to travel. It has changed our lives, the way we think, the way we travel and the way we live. This is a good day, as an abomination has been erased from the earth. -- Fran Gallagher, publisher and CEO

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Sep 28, 2010

Back to Business

September is known as back-to-school month. In Manhattan, September is also known as back-to-business month. In the days before Labor Day, the city streets are oddly empty as all Manhattanites enjoy their last days of summer in the Hamptons. The majority of people in the streets are vacationing from faraway lands. Magically, the Tuesday after Labor Day, all the intensity that defines Manhattan returns. Overnight, the lazy days of summer seem like a dream from another decade.

Aug 4, 2007

The Bridge of Time

Why meet we on the bridge of time

IHG Hotels & Resorts: Elevating the Guest Experience & Expanding Globally

With a robust portfolio of brands catering to diverse traveler preferences, IHG has been on a strategic trajectory to conquer key markets worldwide. The IHG footprint continues to grow, offering unparalleled experiences to guests around the globe.