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Tag: Education
Mar 20, 2020

Moving Across the Country

In August 2018, during my last semester in college, I received a phone call from my boyfriend, Daniel, that sparked the beginning of a new chapter. While I stayed in our home state of Kansas to study business marketing at Emporia State University, Daniel pursued his athletic dreams at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. We had just a few moments to talk before my next meeting, so I quickly asked, “What about Princeton, where is that?”

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Mar 17, 2020

Options and Resources

As we continue to practice social distancing, the need for exercise, information and entertainment increases. There are many resources available to help meet those needs.

Nov 26, 2019

The Dreyfuss Civics Initiative

Last weekend Richard Dreyfuss was in town to promote The Dreyfuss Civics Initiative. I had the opportunity to talk to the Hollywood legend about his work during his appearance at Days of the Dead Horror and Pop Culture Con at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and Convention Center.

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May 16, 2018

Cheers, Clemson Graduates!

I just returned from a lovely trip to Clemson, S.C., to celebrate my boyfriend’s graduation from Clemson University with a degree in mechanical engineering. Once in the air, my American Airlines flight from Philadelphia (PHL) to Greenville (GSP) went smoothly; however, there were quite a few problems with delays during both my departure and return flight.