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Tag: Discovery Princess
Apr 2, 2022

A Brand-New Ship

Last Sunday my husband and I joined a contingent of travel journalists as guests aboard Princess Cruises' brand-new Discovery Princess, a 3,660-guest Royal-class ship. As I mentioned last week, we took advantage of the Medallion app to take care of most of the embarkation process before we arrived at the cruise terminal. The cruise line projects that the boarding process, from curb to gangplank, should only take 20 minutes, but unfortunately the port officials at the last minute shifted the ship's berth to a pier 2.5 miles away from the terminal, creating a raft of challenges for the embarkation team. This meant that thousands of cruise guests and all their luggage had to be transported that distance instead of simply transiting a short span between terminal and ship. Kudos to everyone who pulled off that feat on very short notice!

Hit the High Notes in Nashville

Nashville’s once-modest skyline continues to evolve as its luxury market grows. Lavish hotel properties are added to the landscape while acclaimed chefs stake claim in the robust culinary scene and premier cultural offerings round out the city’s repertoire.