FX Excursions

FX Excursions offers the chance for once-in-a-lifetime experiences in destinations around the world.

Mail Call December 2023

Dec 1, 2023

Q&A with Hannah Gruen, Administrative Assistant

I love to use events as an excuse to travel. This summer I got to explore Denver while visiting for a concert. Tell us about a time you discovered a new favorite destination because you were there for an event.

In the Sept. 26 issue of eFlyer, we covered the recent implementation of a travel tax to Iceland, as well as a new airport tax at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the Netherlands. We asked: Do you think countries should be allowed to implement these taxes? One reader wrote in:

Countries are free to charge whatever they wish. My opinion is to pay it or avoid the location. As tourists, we use their resources and tax their infrastructures beyond the benefits they reap from tourism, hotel taxes, tourism jobs, etc.

Duane Weaver, via email

Amsterdam Bans Cruise Liners in City Center; Will Other Cities Soon Follow?

In our Aug. 6 issue of eFlyer, we wrote about Amsterdam’s recent ban on cruise ships docking in the city center. We asked: Do you agree with this ban in Amsterdam and in other cities? One reader wrote in:

I have been to Amsterdam numerous times, as well as Venice and other wonderful and beautiful cities and towns being crushed by hordes of quick stop-in tourists. They disembark, look around, buy a tee or two and get back on the boat. What the tourists don’t overwhelm, the mass of ships and buildings and structures and the environment.

With minimal effort, one can easily enjoy these jewel cities and towns. Reduce the ships and, while we’re at it, the cheap planeloads of “seen it, check it off” folks. Otherwise, what makes these places so sought-after and special will be lost.

By the way, the train from Trieste (current access point near Venice) is a little over an hour away from city center and may cost €15–20, and you get to experience the magic of crossing the causeway and stepping out of the station onto the Grand Canal in Venice.

Jim Heskett, via email

Bedbug Epidemic: Is It Safe to Travel to Paris Right Now? 

In our Oct. 25 issue of eFlyer, we covered the recent bedbug invasion in Paris. We talked about other bedbug infestations across the world and provided tips on how to safely travel and check for the insects. We asked readers if they have an upcoming trip planned for Paris. One reader wrote in:

I don’t have an upcoming trip planned but I was recently in Paris for the quarterfinals of the Rugby World Cup. I’ve been to Paris before and have never seen the city so crowded. Of course, the bedbug situation sat in the back of my head, and during the course of my time there talking with other match goers, I heard some incidents of cheap hotels suffering from bedbugs.

Fortunately, my hotel and the other hotels nearby didn’t have any incidents. That said, I did check my clothes and other items when I got home and washed them all thoroughly to be safe.

Marian Thompson, via email

What’s Happening on GT Blogs?

Updated daily, our blogs offer readers an inside look at the lives and travels of the GT staff. We featured blogs on sports matches, from a Phillies game to a hockey match in Chicago and a college football game in North Carolina. Other staff members detailed time in Miami, a trip to the pumpkin patch and countless culinary delights. One staff member enjoyed a trip to Mexico City.



FX Excursions

FX Excursions offers the chance for once-in-a-lifetime experiences in destinations around the world.

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